♥ Nails of the Week ♥

Hello my Beauties!

These days I’m all about nails and nail polishes. I collected a few new ones over the holidays and am now totally in the mood for a few experiments. 
I’ve seen many cool & inspiring tutorials on youtube and read posts from fellow bloggers lately. Today I’ve decided to do my first “Nails of the week” post. 
Something that always looked appealing to me, is a braided look, of course mostly as a hair style, but recently I came across many braided nail designs which I liked. 
So this is my shy attempt. 
Braided nail design Catrice Essence

The colors, as well as the combination of it look a little different as it appears on the pictures, but you definitely get an overview.
A metallic silver base with a glossy finish and a few colorful accents of a dark blue-ish green and a bright coral. 

As an alternative, or for those who are not that talented with their left hand, here is an example for a simple silver manicure with the bright coral and a few silver stripes, made with the nail art tip painter.
Stripes design silver manicure essenceI have to admit, my right hand definitely looks very wearable for every day in the office ect. The left one is let’s say, more outgoing. 😉
Maybe next time I will do every nail in the same style. 

If you want to create a silver manicure, here are the actual products that I’ve used:
Catrice Essence nail polishesWhat’s you nails of the week? Share the pictures with me please!
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