♥ Non – Cosmetic – Goodies ♥

Hello my Beauties!

As some of you remember i recently came back from my vacation in NYC, which was really impressive and interesting. Besides the makeup goodies, i also got some other nice things that are related to Big Apple in my understanding and i thought it would be fun reading about that.  

After watching and loving all the 94 episodes and 6 season of Sex and the City and now going to Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York for the first time, you can only imagine how i felt. So even more obvious was that i had to get a book or two while being there.
I think not one of you is going to be surprised if tell you, what books i got.
The Carrie Diaries & Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell.

To me it was part of my very own NYC experience and i can’t wait to start reading them.

Also, while visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art i discovered that beautiful book made by Marcia Reiss, that shows an unusual historic perspective, comparing scenes of today and of the past century. All that in black and white. As i’m a big lover of historic photography i just had to get it.

One of the most wonderful stops in NYC for me was the brunch at the famous Café Lalo, a special place for all out of towners, with small wooden chairs, many little lights, a bohemian-esque feel and really sweet service. (And yes, it’s the setting from You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan waits for Tom Hanks.) Of course you are also surrounded by so many different delicious desserts, that you just have no clue what to get (just because you want it all). But back to the actual brunch. I ordered the Italian Breakfast – Steamed eggs with goat cheese, tomato, oregano & fresh basil. And you know what? It was really really good. The bread was warm and the salad dressing just to the point! I would def order that one all over again if i had the chance.

As i’m a big postcard lover, i decided to get a nice Café Lalo card to remember my visit. And isn’t it lovely? I like that design so much.

Everywhere i go, i like picking up a few local sweets. It’s like tasting the flavour of the country, if that makes sense. So i got some chocolate and cookies.

And because i not only like chocolate, but also healthy organic gluten-free snacks full of antioxidants and fiber i also picked up different Pure organic bar’s. They are pretty good on the go, i’ve tried some of them already.
Have you ever?

The last thing in this non cosmetic haul would be something i didn’t purchase myself, but was sent along other things by a dear friend MyCupcakeMafia for my birthday. A cute groovy Halloween inspired handmade mini bag and a delicious Orange Pell in Dark Chocolate bar. You know that kind of chocolate bar where you have a poem or a sweet saying inside the wrapping paper. I love that, it’s such a nice detail. Don’t you think?

This upcoming weekend is going to be the right time to sit back, have a cup of tea, have some of the Pure bar’s and start reading my books. 🙂

What have been your non cosmetic buy’s lately? Tell me your story.