♥ October accessory ♥

Hello my Beauties!

Have you been enjoying the month of october so far? The weather change and the cozy clothes?

As you all know it’s still the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as I was going to tell you a little bit about my new favorite accessory pieces, i wanted to combine it with the “think pink” idea.

I’m usually not the type of girl, who loves wearing dangle piece necklace, but I have been into baking lately and these two pendants were so adorable and pink at the same time, I just had to get them. But you should see by yourself what I’m talking about. 

So the first pendant is a “tea party” inspired one.
The jam jar definitely stands out as well at the tea-cup & pot. Don’t you think?
I’m almost tempted to lift the lid of the jam jar and find out what kind of jam is inside. 

And the second one is a “sunday breakfast” type of pendant. All the details are very well done. Pretty much 3D if you want so. I really like the cupcake pan and the cook book. Both make you think about baking some fresh and delicious cupcakes. And of course the very much october month inspired pink bow!

On a dark shirt or especially black turtleneck both pendants look very sweet and adorable. It’s something different for my own style, but i think we should always try to find something new for the variety of our wardrobe and also accessorize outside of our own box.
It makes fashion fun and your own! Besides, october is the best month to wear something pink, right?

What are your current october or autumn inspired accessory pieces? Please share your secrets. 


ps: Both pendant’s are from Claire’s and were bought with my own money.