♥ Statement piece of the season ♥

Hello my Beauties. 

Have you noticed how the fashion industry and different media encourages us to invest in great unique statement pieces? Especially this fall it was all over the internet, TV and magazines. Or maybe it was just me, who paid more attention than usual to accessories and jewelry of every kind…
When i read Taylor’s post on “Heavy Metal” (back in september) – and her bold silver chain necklace, it definitely made me think about getting an addition to my statement pieces. Especially during the cold time of the year i tend to wear big and bold necklaces or chains, over some one colored turtlenecks.
It seems to elongate your neck line and make you look festive in any occasion. But of course it looks really good under a blouse with collar as well.

When i passed by a Bijou Brigitte accessory store, this gold necklace immediately caught my eye. I know i know, it’s not that of a fancy store, but a common accessory chain that you will find  in every mall. But who said a statement piece has to be a family’s heirloom?! As long as it suits your taste and it’s something different, i say: go for it!

Here you can really see how it consists of 14 separated pieces, hold together by little circles on the backside. The surface is wavelike with little dimples, which gives the gold metal an additional shine, when being exposed to sun – or artificial light.

When i recently went out to a birthday dinner of my friend, i wore a simple black turtleneck paired with a black vest. It definitely gave the gold necklace a chance to shine (literally)! 
As it was already a bit chilly, i also wrapped my shoulders with a back & gold “chain scarf”, which is almost classic and has been out there as a print for the longest time, not since Dolce & Gabbana.
The result was a fresh & shiny appearance. 

Last but not least: after wearing the piece a few times, i got a surprising mail from a friend in Norway, with an intresting picture of the norwegian sports commentator wearing exact same necklace on TV.

That made me smile. A lot. It’s nice to have the sense for the right statements. 😉

What do you think about statement pieces? Have you any favorites? Do you like to spice up your daily outfits?
Share your secrets.