♥ Twinkle Thursday ♥

Hello my Beauties!

Now that the season of storms, heavy rains & snow has come, we tend to stop by nicely decorated gifts stores to brighten up out days. Am I right?!

I was reading sweetjellybean’s Monday Retail Theraphy  post the other day and it made me think of all those times, when we simply need a cheer up by doing some window shopping or a coffee-house stop and a good book.
And as i looked outside of my window today and realized i would need Noah’s Ark to even cross the street – that heavy of a rain is coming down on us, there was no better solution than a little twinkle thursday at a sparkling gift shop.

And to answer your question sweetjellybean: “… I’m not sure if going in and taking pics for your blog is considered window shopping, would you?” – on a day like this – YES, that’s exactly the window shopping i had in mind.
I wanted some star dust sprinkles over this rainy & cold thursday and the result was – i was smiling big times afterwards! 

You can definitely tell Christmas is around the corner. All the gift & goody shops are already covered in fake snow, mistletoes, pinecones and chocolate fondue. I like to wander around and get some stocking stuffer gift ideas.
Let’s go, i take you for a walk 😉

I found those adorable looking  cupcake, santa and christmas tree ceramic candy can’s, that can be definitely used to store your brushes, lipglosses or the perfume samples. Besides they are such a sweet decoration for every makeup corner during this time of the year. Don’t you think?
Cupcake theme seems to be everywhere this season, even lipgloss comes in that packaging. really cute stuff.

Of course it smells like sweet candy. And it’s going to be nice as a topping for a holiday gift. Instead if a bow, you know! 
The other outstanding guiding theme that i noticed: snowmen.
Anywhere and everywhere. From traditional to modern version. Snowmen for every taste! Are they a kind of decoration that you like to put on your table, window or makeup corner?
When i saw the santa cups i had a few very fun ideas how to make little Christmas gifts. You know, the easy way of making a friend smile. Just get a holiday cup, fill it with some fun candy and put a few “center pieces” inside, depending whats the taste of the friend is. Like eye liners or mascara if it’s a beauty junky, tickets for a movie or another kind of gift card. Wrap it all in a nice see through paper, add some ribbons and there you go! Of course filling the cup with spicy tea or a great coffee blend is never wrong too!
Other really sweet goodies, that i often find during winter time in these gifts shops are chocolate fondue. Aways a party favorite and even a fondue for one can be a nice “let’s share a moment” thing. Have you tried one of those?
And of course a little baking book, that looks like a Nutella jar. (How adorable is that?) I’ve found so many delicious recipes in there, that it instantly made me want to bake.
Probably one of my very favorite things that i found today were the jewelry trees and wire frame dresses to fit a lot of your favorite earrings and necklaces. If you like a great way to show case your collection, this is the creative statement for sure. Seriously thinking about getting one for myself.
Tell me which one do you like the best and why? What style is your dresser & makeup corner?
So what’s your favorite goodie store and where do you prefer spending a cold & rainy (snowy?!) day like this?
Share your story with me!! I’d like to hear from you. Thanks for window shopping with me, my Beauties!