5 Benefits of Sea Salt

Hello my Beauties,

If you weren’t able to spend your summer vacation at a gorgeous ocean this year, no need to be sad, since you can easily have all the benefits of the sea salt in your very own bathroom. Of course it’s not exactly the same as vacation, but turns out to be the most accessible product to pamper yourself & do something great for your health.
Any pharmacy and local drugstores do offer a wide variety of sea salts, but also herbs and aroma oils to go with it.

The easiest way of using salts are obviously soothing bathes, that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. These baths are perfect to relax your muscles, open the pores and smooth the skin, which helps to prepare yourself for further home spa procedures.
5 Benefits of Sea SaltLet’s determine what sea salt is and count down its most important beneficial properties:

It’s created by evaporating sea water and is basically a crystalline mineral made of two elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl), which are absolutely essential for our lives. 
Besides the Sea Salt, there are also other salt types on the market these days, such as Celtic Salt , Himalayan Pink Salt and Kosher Salt, that differ in size and texture.

Our subject, the Sea Salt is not much different from the regular table salt, but because of its origin, it contains a big amount of trace minerals like potassium, iron and zinc.

  1. Sea Salt is great when it comes to boosting your immune system. It stabilizes and regulates heartbeats, thanks to its magnesium and sodium content.
  2. Sea Salt contains a lot of naturally occurring chemicals like Calcium that cleans our pores, Bromine, which is known for being a natural antibiotic and Sulfur, which is responsible for converting toxins into non-toxins in our bodies.
  3. Sea salt works a buffer for blood sugar levels to help prevent diabetes.
  4. Is incredibly soothing for your throat during the cold time of the year, when you need to gargle.
  5. We love the Sea Salt in our bathtubs, simply because it has the ability to release all the needed essential oils into the water and give us the benefits of the minerals. And who doesn’t want to cleanse, detox and restore the body in one step?!

My personal ways of using sea salt at home.
1) Inhale steam vapors mixed with eucalyptus oil to cure sinusitis & bronchitis .

2) Gargling isn’t pretty, but very effective, when you’re trying to clean up your throat and get rid of bacteria. You can always add some honey, if you can’t stand the flavor.

3) I use sea salt instead of table salt for cooking – it just tastes better in my opinion.

4) Homemade body scrubs are simply wonderful to get rid of those dead cells, fight the nasty cellulite & keep your blood flow going. Give me some sea salt & olive oil and let me have some fun.

5) A 15 minutes sea salt bath on a cold fall or winter evening always makes me sleep better. I try to do that at least ones a week. Adding different kind of essential oil can also help to set the mood. My favorites are mountain pine oil and lavender.
Sea Salt body scrubMy favorite homemade body scrub.

100 gram of Coarse-grained sea salt
50 gram of Finely grounded coffee

50 gram of Honey
100 to 150 ml of Olive oil          

Mix all together, apply on your body and massage gently, especially on the areas most needed, like your heels.
After this kind of scrub, you most probably won’t even need a body lotion, because you’re left with a super soft skin. Try it sometime.

So why do I love sea salt?
It’s a great home spa product, big for scrubs and bathes, useful inside & out, all natural and not expensive at all.

What’s your experience with sea salt, my Beauties?