5 Must-Haves in My Bag

Hello my Beauties,

if you’re anything like me, you prefer to carry all possible and impossible things in your bag on the daily basis! But how often do you actually sit down and sort things out in there? Sometimes its a pure Bermuda triangle in there…isn’t it?!
Let’s narrow it down to what’s really important and you wouldn’t leave the house without.

What are the must-have essentials, that you put from one bag into another?

As i was doing my little bag spring cleaning here, i noticed what type of beauty and non-beauty products are being represented to cover my needs.
Here’s what we’ve got:
5 must haves in my bag1. I never ever leave the house without any kind of hand moisturizer. Because of my work, but also just in general i tend to wash my hands quite often and especially during the colder time of the year my hands get really dry. Over the past 2 years i became a big fan of Crabtree & Evelyn and their big variety of hand therapy tubes. Lately I’ve been carrying the pear and pink magnolia in my bag. The scent is pretty divine and the effect long-lasting. For the summer I’ll be getting the eau de toilette from the same line – that’s how much I’m loving it.

2. You’ve been seeing me rave about the Avène Thermal Spring Water for quite some time now. From all the available mini bottles out there, i somehow always end up buying this particular one. The spray intensity is just as i like it – not too harsh and enough to get refreshed in one hand movement. It’s a handy product to use after a face scrub and before applying a cream. When you’re sleepy in front of the pc, but you need to stay concentrated – it’s waking you up a bit. But it’s also your true friend on the go when you’re having a long day.
Only just in case my bag is super small and I’m out at night, i might take blotting paper instead. The ones i can definitely recommend are the Japanese Beauty Papers by Tatcha – very popular in the Geisha community so it says…

3. A good moisturizing lip balm. That could easily be a whole new blog post. When it comes to lip care I’m quite a picky person. With many brands i find that on the long run, those lip balms rather dry out my lips, than care for them. I’m not sure if my lips adapt to the ingredients so quickly, but i often feel like switching up the brand. Are you familiar with that problem?
Currently I’m using the EOS in Pomegranate Raspberry. As many of you i also like the cute egg shape and the nice smell. The fact that it comes with shea butter and vitamin E is a big plus.
If you know a really great lip balm, that keeps your lips moisturized for a long time without drying them out, please share your tips with me.
Currently Loving4. About a year ago i completely switched over to a glass file and definitely noticed the difference. I’ve been using just different kind of random nail files before, but now i can definitely tell my nails don’t break as easily anymore. The one i have here is from my local drugstore, but i also liked the OPI Crystal Nail File. Thanks to the right filing technique (and a really great nail hardener from El Corazón in Iron Hard). As you can imagine, there’s always a small glass fine in my bag, because you never know when you might need it.

5. Last but not least there’s always some gum to be found in my bag. I try to stock up on different flavors & brands, so anywhere i go, there’s some gum for me to grab. As you can see, I’m a fruity fresh type of girl – so any kind of summer fruit is great!
I’m a social & talkative person, so fresh breath and clean teeth are really important for me.

5 Must-Haves in My Bag
What are your personal must-haves that you always bring with you wherever you go?


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