Andersen’s {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my Beauties,

thanks for your feedback on the latest nail art series. I’m happy to notice, how well it is being received by you. Last week we had Eeeek! Nail Polish with her  {The Brave Tin Soldier} here on Beauty expression and today i’ve got another wonderful nail art blogger guest posting, Maria from Red Polish Or Bad Polish Blog. I find she has quite a unique style and i really admire her nail shape. 

Let’s see, what Maria came up for us today:
Banner Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I’m Maria-Red Frog from {Red Polish Or Bad Polish} and I’m extremely happy to be a guest of Luchessa here on her blog. As you already know she’s a host of this year’s [Hans Christian Andersen Tales] series. While ago I got an invitation from her to take part of this event.
So here I am – me and the Snow Queen – my favorite Andersen’s tale.

The story centers on the struggle between good and evil as experienced by Gerda and her friend, Kai.

“The Snow Queen” is a tale told in seven ‘stories’:

1. About the Mirror and Its Pieces

2. A Little Boy and a Little Girl

3. The Flower Garden of the Woman Who Knew Magic

4. The Prince and the Princess

5. The Little Robber Girl

6. The Lapp Woman and the Finn Woman

7. What Happened at the Snow Queen’s Palace and What Happened Afterward.

The most inspiring thing for me in this tale is part one – about the little mirror particles which make everyone cold, heartless and even harsh.Those small pieces from devil’s broken mirror and either horrifying and inspiring.

As a positive person I’ve wanted to add something good and beautiful along with the evil. So what is better than Gerda’s roses? Because someone somewhere long ago have said – beauty will save the world.

Hope you’ll be merciful because this is my first ‘step by step’ post…

First of all be a good girl and put a base coat before all the polish. It’s good for your nails. And what’s good for the nails is good for you, right?

All you need is:
Nail Art Tools

• Flormar Light Summer LS04

• Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Showgirl Chic

• Black,blue,red and white acrylic paint

Nail Art Tools 2

• Fine brush or two

• In my case – a few sketches of the design

Step 1

My base coat is completely dry so let’s start with the base color – Flormar Light Summer LS04. This beauty is the perfect icy blue – two or three coats of it and here we go – my base color is almost ready to give home to the drawing.
Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial 1

Step 2

For an extra cold sparkling look I’ve decide to touch up my nails with some Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Showgirl Chic which is a really good dupe of China Glaze’s Lorelai’s Tiara – gorgeous and truly opaque glitter in silver with a touch of sky blue particles in it. I’ve used the dry-brush technique to create a gentle and delicate strokes. You can also use sponge to create the same look.
Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial 2

Step 3

Let’s start with the design. Mix some white and blue acrylic paint (my blue was a bit darker than I’ve needed) until it becomes bright as the sky. Grab your thin brush and try to create some crackles on two or three of your nails. Don’t worry if your hand is shaky – there’s no such thing like straight crackles. On the third nail you can draw some irregular diamond shapes – the broken mirror parts.
Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial 3

Step 4

Now it’s time to use some white and intense blue to add more depth to the picture. There’re no crackles or mirror particles on my pinky just because I wasn’t sure what to do with it.
Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial 4

Be brave – it should be fun.

Step 5

It’s time for Gerda’s rose. And the pinky of course. As you can see, lovelies, one step is missing…Sorry for that. I’ve realized that too late.
So, let me describe this missing step – draw a heart with the lighter blue on your pinky. Than take some red acrylic paint and start with the rose until your blue heart dries completely. Rose’s petals are the easiest thing to draw – just put some paint on your thin brush and start with one dot for the rose’s center. Than one by one draw the petals starting with the smaller ones around the center of the rose. Each following petal should be a bit bigger than the previous one.

Step 6

We’re almost done. Add some white acrylic paint into the red. Now you have pink color to finish the rose. Make lighter thin strokes over every red petal to make your rose more vibrant.Than leave it to dry. Draw a real thin outline around the blue heart using the darker blue color.Take the same darker blue and draw few crackles over the heart. Leave it until it’s completely dry.
Add a coat of Seche Vite. Your broken evil mirror is done.

Andersen's {Snow Queen} Nail Art Tutorial 5

It was a great fun to make this ‘step by step’ post.Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Hugs, Maria.

So what do you think, my Beauties? I love how the mirror crackles looks like, so very real.
If you’d like to see more of Maria’s work, please visit her blog: Red Polish Or Bad Polish