Andersen’s {The Beetle Who Went On His Travels} Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing this weekend? Are you ready for some new nail art fun? To me it’s always great to see how a nail design comes together and how much effort a blogger puts into it sometimes.
Today i asked the lovely Eva from {Flight Of Whimsy} to guest post on {Beauty expression} and here’s what she came up with. Btw if you love stamping and seasonal manicures, i’d highly suggest to swing by Eva’s blog.

Hello all! My name is Eva and I hail from the blog Flight of Whimsy.
Luchessa asked me to put together another round of nail art based on one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, and this year I chose The Beetle Who Went On His Travels.


The Beetle Who Went On His TravelsYou need to know just a little about this beetle before the nail art makes sense.
The beetle wants golden horseshoes, like the Emperor’s horse. When denied them, he leaves and travels the garden, where he is most ill-treated by ladybugs, frogs, earwigs, lady beetles, a little boy, the weather, and life in general. (In case you missed it, our beetle was a nasty-tempered jealous guy). He eventually makes it back to the safety of the stables, where he decides so long as he can sit on top of the horse with golden shoes he’s happy. Men!


I put together a tutorial to show you how to make the three beetles (including one lady-beetle! I promise there are eyelashes), the golden horseshoe, and the whole beetle body (complete with golden tiny shoes) on my thumb.
The ironic side note to this post? Turns out I did green nails last year with The Golden Goose!
I think I am just bound to do green when Luchessa wants some nail art 😀


The Tutorial:

The Beetle

Hope you enjoyed! And thanks again Luchessa for having me 🙂

Raise your hand, if you loved the beetle as much as I did! The design turned out to be quite wonderful and the step by step tutorial makes it possible to recreate it the comfort of your home. Go for it & let Eva and me know how it turned out.
beetle nail art

Stay tuned for more Hans Christian Andersen inspired nail art on this blog.