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Hello my Beauties,

you know how much i love Tags and the Fall season – so this one seemed to be perfect, when i discovered it on Futures, A Scottish Lass and  Makeup Pixi3 who came up with the tag in the first place.
I found myself caught up in the special cozy feeling, that you only get in the beginning of fall, after summer has been just gone yesterday.
Let’s get warm and cozy all together. 🙂
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For Autumn, what is your…

1.  Favourite thing about it? When it comes to fall, i’m all about the colors, textures, smells & spices, running through huge piles of leaves (just look up the video of the Funny Siberian husky playing in leaves, that got super popular a few days ago and you will know exactly what i mean!) hot drinks & baking. 

2.  Favourite drink? A comforting green tea is my go-to drink when i’m at home. During autumn i like it with notes of pumpkin, citrus and sesame. The one i can recommend is Autumn Harvest Laoshan Green from Verdant tea. They have a great variety of autumn teas there. Check it out.
(When i’m out in town, i love to have some hot chocolate made of real dark chocolate with a lot of whipped cream.)

3.  Favourite scent/candle? My current favorite scent, that i’m using more in the fall is Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold. And for candles i go for a nice orange scent. It’s not too fancy and reminds me of my childhood. 🙂

4.  Best lipstick? Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 70 Gingerbread and Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 020 Brown Sugar.

5.  Go to moisturiser?  Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet for sensitive skin by Caudalie.

6.  Go to colours for the eyes? “Sin” & “Hustle” by Urban Decay as well as the 738 Comfort Zone Wet n Wild palette.
March Favorites Wet ‘n’ Wild Confort Zone 738
7.  Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? The biggest Rock Hits on the radio. I don’t have a particular singer or band that is a must for fall. 

8.  Favourite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? I like wearing thin long-sleeved shirts paired with a knitted sweater and a wide belt to define my hips. I also enjoy big cashmere scarves as well as knitted snoods. And my childhood friend Vell made a big surprise for me this year – she knitted a beautiful 100% merino wool snoody for me, that i can’t wait to wear. Isn’t that the most wonderful blue color? (The picture was taken by “Vll handmade” right before she gave it to me).
wool scarf
9. Autumn treat? My autumn treat this year is going to be a new big dark blue or green shopper, since i need one for work & school. A girl needs to fit a lot of stuff in! 😉 But i haven’t found one yet…

10.  Favourite place to be? As most of you have guessed – at home, all wrapped up in my cute soft yellow blanket, blogging and editing pictures, while having my big mug of autumn tea and some pumpkin carrot swirl bars.
Oh yes, 
Pumpkin, shreds of carrot and brown sugar make some great Pumpkin Carrot Swirl Bars. Carrot pie can be a good alternative as well.
Funny fact, as a kid i was always wondering why my mom would use a veggy for pies and not a fruit. I guess it didn’t make much sense to me back then. And let’s not forget the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Mmm…

So, my Beauties – if you enjoyed reading the tag, feel free to do it as well. And if you are not a blogger, just answer the questions down below, as i would love knowing more about your personal fall season. 

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