Be Beautiful with WishTrend

Hello my Beauties,

today i would love to talk about an interesting site, that was launched in September 2011 and holds a surprisingly big variety of Korean beauty and skin care products.
While being quite popular in Korea and also in the US by now, it’s still a hidden gem here in Europe.

I have seen a few bits of korean products here and there popping up on various blogs, so i was not totally in uncharted waters, when i opened Wishtrend for the first time.

The company made it a goal to bring the best possible products to the ladies all over the world and the big variety of products definitely speaks for them.

We are believing that as long as you ‘WISH’ to be beautiful, you will be beautiful.
We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics and introduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers.
Of course, those amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door. 

I mean who doesn’t love international shipping, right?!
But let’s start at the beginning.

As you all know, i really enjoy discovering new brands from all over the world. On my blog you have already seen russian, latvian, british, french and many other products. There is something fascinating about brands that have their origins on the other part of the world and you can’t simply stop by a store and pick out something quickly.
I love things to be accessible though. Like a great online store, that ships internationally in this case.
When you open the site, you can decide right away what category of products you’re looking for. Anything from fragrance to skin care, hair treatments, nail polish or makeup is available. 

WISHTREND shows the latest Korean trend to the global market, which includes hot cosmetic items from skin care, make-up and men’s to babies’. You will see the various ranges of product lines according to your skin type as well as the best quality, moderate price and the most recent beauty trend of Korea.

And other than finding a site, that’s quite easy and fast to navigate, you get to see a lot of really good deals. 
Here is a great example, that immediately caught my eye:

Panda Eye Essence Mask

Exactly the right product for all of us who suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles in the mornings (especially around that time of the month). The product has a whitening, firming and anti-wrinkle effect.
koreaskincareThis is definitely going to be the first thing, that i’m going to put into my shopping basket. And because it contains 10% Vitamin C and for even better cooling effect, it’s smart to store this type of mask in your fridge. I bet it’s lovely during summer or after a party weekend.
You know how much i love my face masks. I talked about it several times before, so i can’t wait to try these.

Another product that made WishTrend interesting for me personally is Argan Oil TreatmentAs you know i’m always looking for the next best hair mask, especially during the season change. And different kind of oil treatments have been my life savers for years now.

argan oil

Argan Treatment Ampoule 1+1

It comes in practical 15ml ampoules. You can use the extract of the argania tree fruit, that contains a lot of vitamin E, on dry or wet hair to provide a smooth and healthy feel & look.
It’s suitable for all hair types.

And the best thing is that right now WishTrend is offering a great deal:
( 15ml X 10ea = 150ml ! ) for only USD 14!!
You can be sure, that my hair is going to enjoy some of this argan oil treatment this coming winter.

For all of you who are big fans of beauty boxes, this should be very exciting.

Wishtrend has it’s own box to offer – the Wish Box!

WISH BOX (No.14) : Experience Firsthand

Quick Overview:

Wishbox No.14 : Experience Firsthand.

Here are WISHTREND new items! Get a chace to try them at for experience!
An offer you can’t refuse take 6 items for only USD 9.99! (special offer)

A beauty box is always a great chance to try products, that you never have seen before, don’t you think?

And at the moment (until 1st of november) WishTrend is offering 10% discount on any makeup products. So if you’re currently looking for a new BB cream, primer or super long-lasting waterproof gel pencil liners – you shouldn’t be wasting time!
My first over all impression is, that the site is real fun to browse through, has an easy paypal payment system and worldwide delivery service, a wish box several times a year with surprising products inside and more than 400 products to pick from. 

Guess where i’m going to be purchasing next?!