Best Advice I’ve Been Given – Blogtober14

Hello my Beauties,

we’ve reached Day 12 of the daily blogging challenge Blogtober14 and it means, that today we’re going to be talking about the {Best Advice I’ve Been Given}.
Best advice i've been givenA family member ones said to me something in my teens, that completely stuck with me for my whole life. It basically wasn’t anything supernatural, but it was more the way it was said.

{It’s always good to be yourself and traveling}

I heard something in that voice, which told me – if you don’t stay true to yourself, listen to you inner needs & discover your personal strength, you won’t be happy. And traveling is as essential as being yourself and will maybe even help to develop all those abilities.

You need to open up your eyes, see other cultures & traditions, become adjustable to new situations and mentalities – stay open-minded to new things in general, since you never know, where they might lead you to and it’s crucial to be adjustable in our fast-moving world these days…
Only that way you’ll become a well-rounded person. 

I guess that is where my passion for traveling comes from. To these days i keep hearing that special voice from time to time, when i haven’t been anywhere for a longer period, i start feeling the urge to jump on a plane & just go with the wind.
always good to be yourself

What was the best advice you’ve been given in your life so far, my Beauties? And more important – do you follow it?
Helene in Between Blogtober
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