Birthday trip to Sephora NYC

Hello my Beauties.

Hope you’ve been doing great lately. Sorry for my absence, but as some of you might know, i have been traveling to New York for the very first time and was really concentrating on being a tourist. 🙂 One of the many other reasons to travel to the Big Apple, besides of having my dear friends living there and knowing that it’s just a magical city, i wanted to spend my upcoming birthday in a new way.
And what’s better than enjoy it in Manhattan, right?!

So i happen to have a lovely birthday dinner with my friends at the Robert Restaurant in the Neighborhoods: Hell’s Kitchen & Midtown West. It has a great ambiance and a nice view of Central Park and Columbus Circle. We had some garlic shrimp, roasted baby beet salad for appetizers and filet mignon with creamed spinach, grilled branzino with roasted fennel & almonds for main course. As a sweet surprise i got a lovely presented dessert with Happy Birthday written on the plate. I was just Ahhhh 🙂

One of the gifts i got that night was a Sephora gift card, that i had to use immediately the next day. Wouldn’t you?

And there is where my first Sephora adventure has begun! I heard so much about that store, that i almost couldn’t believe i finally went there.

I visited the store in the 597 Fifth Avenue. And in my opinion that one is amazing, with Golden structures and 2nd floor like balcony that overlooks the first floor.

As a beauty junkie you can obsess for hours at the place stocked with brands, such as Urban Decay, Channel, and Too Faced ect. Great selection of face washes, lotion, make-up in general & fragrances. The staff was very helpful with all my requests.
The first 10-15 minutes i just wandered around, making sure I would see every brand that was presented in store.

I’ve noticed there was a big advertisement for Nars going on, that is having an exclusive collaboration “NARS and Sephora go bold, bright, and POP with Andy Warhol!”
Palettes feature variations on Andy Warhol’s painting, Flowers, 1965. And also Debbie Harry Eye & Cheek Palette which sparkle with glitter and Diamond Powder. Very bright & bold colors.

Of course i had to take a longer look at the Urban Decay display. Somehow that one makes me happy just by looking at it. I guess im a colorful person. Who can guess what i got from this brand? I guess every beauty person will immediately know!
I couldn’t disregard the Sephora collection and the special edition gift boxes. It was quite difficult not to want everything. Besides all the beautiful palettes, there were also different nail stations, full with all kind of polish brands, ready to be tried & tested out. That was something new for me, as we don’t have particular nail stations in Germany. I saw girls doing their own manicure there, putting glitter on and the craziest colors. Looked like a big fun. 

If you want to know how my Sephora haul looks like, please stay tuned. I’m really happy with my goodies. 

When was the last time you visited a Sephora store and what did you get? Maybe it was something you wanted for a long long time? I can assure you – i did! 

…to be continued!