Big Sale at Brijits Digits – Nail Polish Edition

Hello my Beauties,

hope you are all cozy and enjoying the weekend.
This is going to be just a quick tip for all the nail polish lovers out there.

There is a {Big January Clearance Sale} over at Brijits Digits and i couldn’t help myself but share the great news with you. (Brijit doesn’t even know i’m writing about this.) 

You might remember me doing a review on Faerie Fire a month ago and i told you that apart from the actual color, which was such a lovely red – how much i enjoyed the staying power of it.
BrijitsDigits Faerie Fire 3So if you are curious about what kind of handmade indie nail polishes you can get at Brijits Digits, i suggest you pay the etsy store a visit.
(Brijit – i borrowed your Sale Picture}
It’s definitely worth a look. And what’s better way to get to know a store than getting the products for less at a sale?! Right?

Have fun & say HI to Brijit from me on Twitter.

Ps: Don’t forget to have a look at my previous post on Different Shades of Red – you might find a pleasant surprise. 😉