Black Friday, Huge Discounts & A Wishbox

Hello my Beauties,

how are you doing today? Getting ready for big shopping on Black Friday? I know most stores have some kind of deals going on and as i didn’t want you to miss out on some delicious goodies, here are a few brief suggestions of what you can find on WishTrend, while taking advantage of the current Free Shipping

(I love it when sites do that. Don’t you?)

Everyone loves to find amazing deals – and i’m talking amazing like up to 80% off the original price.
From today November 28th to December 2nd you’ll be able to get the much-loved best selling beauty and care products for LESS.
main_flashSome products that definitely stood out to me are:

Always Nuddy BB24 (Travel Size)

It’s suitable for transparent make up & Creates natural face look! Great for drier skin, especially during the colder time of the year, since it moisturizes your face, gives a nice natural effect and has of course SPF of 15, which is as important in winter as it is in summer.
Original price is USD9.99 – right now it’s available for only USD3.99!
I heard a lot about this brand and am really curious to try. Aren’t you?

Another very popular item on WishTrend is the Wishbox. (Let’s be honest: We all love mini samples and travel size products!)
Just wait until you see what’s inside the box no.15:


Contents :
[GEHWOL] Med Lipidro Foot Cream

[LAVIDA] BB Cream Pact IRF 35
[CB COSMETIC] CB Cream Natural
[MAX CLINIC] Vitamin Massage Oil Foam
[PANIER DES SENS] Liquid Marselille Soap
[ANGEL HEART] Lion Heart Perfume
[EDGE FIT] Heart Filler Cream
[ELISHACOY] Always Nuddy CC Cream
[ISFREN] RX Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch

Original price is USD37.02 – right now available for only USD14.99!

And if you like the concept of the WishBox you should definitely check out box no.16 as well. You will find a great SKIN&LAB deal. I think this is something that could be a great Christmas gift.

Next product i’m going to talk about is something i’m extremely interested in myself. As the holiday season is the time to wear bold & bright lipsticks, you need to make sure you keep your lips in a good condition, otherwise your red lipstick is not going to look good on you at all. 

Love Heart Lip Care 3 Step System


1 Step (Dead cell remover) :
Low irritation, dead lip cell remover

2 Step (Lip gel patch – 5EA) :
100% Essence, Moisturizing

3 Step (Lip tint & Essence) :
High moisture, Energizing lip essence

I find the idea of having it all in one kit very interesting, since you can directly moisturize your lips after giving them a light scrub and get them all pretty for the moment, when they need to shine. 

At the moment the kit retail for USD13.50
How do you take care of your lips, my Beauties? Do you have a secret that you might want to share with me? Have you tried the 
Love Heart Lip Care 3 Step System yet?

And to finish off the Black Friday Sales Bonanza, take a look at the following set.

Nose Pack + Comedo Remover
pore solution

Beautiful skin for the holidays and all year around? Yes please! This set will most definitely get your pores out of trouble.
You can get all those things at just 29.58 USD instead of the usual USD36.98
skinmiso_porebeautynosepack_comedoremover_detailI have to say, i’m a big fan of the blackhead remover strips, as i mostly don’t have time to visit my cosmetologist. It’s really easy to use those right after a nice bath, when my pores are opened anyway.
And if you’re like me, you should get this kit & get your skin ready for 2014! 

If you happen to know about a really great skin care deal, please let me know – i love learning about all the new beauty products out there.
black friday
Hope you found these tips helpful. I’m wishing you the best of luck & happy shopping.