Blogging Tips: Sponsoring and Copyright

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recently i have found myself doing a little research on such important blogging topics, like blog design, how to use the right pictures for you posts and the actual fair use of them, as well as sponsoring of other blogs & exposing your own to a bigger audience. Don’t we all want that at some point?!

Basically if done right, these are all the things, that make our blogging a better experience. 
So when i discovered the following two bloggers and their posts, i knew i would have to share it with you. 
sponsoring and copyrightI guess most of you have noticed those blog buttons which many blogs have on their side bar? The general idea behind it is really smart, but when it comes to real action and what you get from having your button up there, is a whole other story.

Don’t get me wrong, in my past experience i have had really great opportunities to spend a month or even longer on different kind of pages and got some nice feedback from new readers.
The question here is actually more:
How to pick the right blog to sponsor and what would be the perks of being there for me? Don’t forget that you’re spending real money on the ad space and you want to be featured and exposed to new potential followers & readers. 

For further information on this really important topic, i would like you to meet Amanda and her useful post on:
{Blogging 101: The Sponsor Game}.
Amanda says: “It may take some time at first figuring out great blogs to sponsor. There’s nothing worse than randomly picking someone because they seem to have a lot of followers, and you get less than 10 clicks to your blog the entire month…”.
blogging 101
(The rights to this photo belong to
There you will find not only great tips on how to sponsor the right blogs, but also how to start offering ad space on your own page.
Amanda says: “Start at a reasonable price, and as your blog grows, so do your prices. Don’t worry your sponsors will understand.”

I bet if you had general questions on sponsoring before, they are going to be answered here!
You can also chat with Amanda on Twitter & tell her i sent you.

CopyrightAnd then there was another important topic, that is being neglected a bit on the internet and that’s the Copyright.

I have seen some of my blogging friends having some kind of problems with their pictures and content being used without their permission or even knowledge.

Since i started my blog, i have been especially careful with what i use as my visuals. 95% of the times i use my own pictures taken by me. The other 5% are coming either from featured bloggers directly or from their blogs, but i always keep in mind to point out where i got my pictures from. It’s so easy to do, but there are still people forgetting about it. 

Recently i found Allison and her blog Texas Mrs. where she talks about copyright and the issues that she came across by having someone else using her content.
Allison says: “Regarding the most recent finding, I am truly flattered that they want to use my photos. Really, I am. But give a girl credit.”
I don’t really want to talk in wisdom sayings here, but you know – what goes around, comes around.
And the point is, using somebody’s content as your own, is not something you are going to be able to hide for long. There are so many experts out there, who know exactly who published it first – so you better come up with your own great creative ideas.

Please visit Allison’s blog post on {Copyright} for more information. And of course stay longer, as her blog is really amazing.

Q: Did you have any copyright issues on your blog before?
What are your favorite sites for “free pictures” to use on your blog?

Until next time – stay beautiful!