Blogtober14: Favorite Photo You Posted on Instagram

Hello my Beauties,

grab your favorite tea mug & let’s start Day 4 of Blogtober14:
Favorite Photo You Posted on Instagram.

I probably have to mention, that I’m rather a newbie on that social media, since my very first picture went live exactly 7 months ago and that marks the day i got my first smart phone. I’m not even kidding you. 2014!! How did i even make it without for so long?!
Let’s not even go there…

I’ve decided to give today’s prompt a little twist & divide it in the following three categories.
1) Most liked, 2) Most commented on and 3) My personal very favorite picture.
Favorite Photo You Posted on Instagram Blogtober14
Because I’m a beauty & lifestyle blogger with a tremendous need to travel the world, you’ll find different kind of pictures on my Instagram. I’ve decided not to limit myself to only one category, since i have many divers interests in food, pretty nail polish, beautiful nature, amazing fragrances, exotic destinations and home decoration.
Let’s get started:

1) Most liked picture on ‘Beauty by Luchessa’ was this {BeautyTreat}

Most liked photo beautybyluchessaI had just picked up the Yves Rocher Cherry Bloom eau de toilette, and decided to add a new Bijou Brigitte ‘Blue and Pearls’ necklace to my collection as well.
I love all the cherry blossom scents in general (especially for spring), so it was just the matter of time, that i discover the Yves Rocher version. It doesn’t smell anything like The Body Shop one btw. And i really wanted a short statement necklace, that could be worn to dress up a plain every day outfit. I like the details and combination of a chain, blue ribbon & pearls. Wearing it quite a lot!
Any statement pieces that you’ve bought recently?

2) Most commented on ‘Beauty by Luchessa’ was this {Nail Polish pick of the Day}
Most commented on BeautybyLuchessa El Corazon

This is the ‘Magic Attraction‘ by the russian indie brand El Corazon active bio-gel polish. The first polish i was really after and wouldn’t stop until i got it. That’s how my love affair with this brand began. The brand has obviously a homepage, but for anyone who lives in Europe, I’d recommend Hypnotic Polish (based in The Netherlands) to look for El Corazon along with other indie brands.

3) My personal very favorite on ‘Beauty by Luchessa’ was this {Best Moment of the Day}
Favorite Instagram Photo BeautybyLuchessa

I was sitting outside on my sunny balcony in june, sipping coffee, reading the new spanish book by Almudena Grandes, snacking fresh fruits & processing all of my lovely Barcelona impressions, that i just collected!! I had 4 amazing days in this incredible city & tried to absorb all the vibe and mood i was able to. So it was basically my type of homage to my travel experience. On the Polaroid btw you can see the breath-taking ‘La Catedral’ – short for Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulalia, the Gothic cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. I definitely have to go back to Barcelona some day…

So as you can tell, this favorite photo of mine has a simple, but such meaningful value to me.

What is your most adored photo, that you’ve posted on Instagram? Share it with me, my Beauties. 


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