Blogtober14: If you won the lottery you’d…

Hello my Beauties,

does anyone remember last years Blogtember? It was basically a one month challenge, that gave bloggers a chance to write about different topics during september, sharing their life experience, memories, adventures and plans.
So when i found another challenge this year, i’ve decided to be a part of it again. At least as much as i can.

The Daily Tay
Let me introduce you to Blogtober 2014.

This event challenges you to write each and every day, which is quite hard at times, as most of you already know. But as Taylor Grace, one of the hosts from The daily Tay said: “Do what works best for you and your blog. If you miss a day (or a few) you can pick up right where you left off.”
So shall we?

Day 1. If you won the lottery you’d …

This prompt reminds me a lot of last years {Three Months off}-where would you go post, that was part of Blogtember. My answer back then was – traveling. And as you might imagine, this years answer wont be much different, as i’m a big traveler at heart. But this time, i’d probably go and stay for a while at a place, that i love and cherish. Take a guess!

Riga Old CenterI’m talking about Riga, Latvia. Have you ever been there? It’s quite a cozy town, which was founded in 1201 and is located along the Baltic Sea at the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga.
Oldest houses in rigaIt’s definitely not the warmest city in Europe, so if you’re looking for a beach summer vacation, it’s probably not going to be your thing.
But the city and its surrounding have a lot to offer instead. I love walking through the old town and feel the spirit and vibe of Riga.
You’ll also find a really creative & ambitious open air art projects, that are going to make you stare.
Snail sculptures RigaArt Weekenders wrote a great short article about these slowly crawling snails with an important message – that things move at a snail’s pace in Riga and that they needed a bit of help to get around. I thought it was a really smart and fun idea.
Especially cute and funny was the tag posted on the snails themselves:
Snails RigaAround town you’ll find a lot of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, which make me breath history and art when i’m there. It’s a great place to visit if you’re an arts or architecture student.
Art Nouveau buildings RigaFor any culture hungry visitor, there is a gorgeous National Opera House, that should be a must-see when you first come to town. You’ll be able to enjoy Operas like Rigoletto and Carmen, as well as ballet performance like La Bayadère (which was the one i saw when i went for the first time) and also The Sleeping Beauty.
National Opera House

Wait, how didn’t i mention the food yet? It’s delicious and i can’t get enough of certain things, when staying in Riga. Here are just a few examples.
Food in RigaBelieve me, there’s a lot more to see & discover, but by now you probably already got an idea why i’d like to go & stay for a bit longer in that town, if i won the lottery and bills would be no obstacle. I just love cozy cities with a certain vibe & character.


What would you do, if you won the lottery, my Beauties? And tell me about your experience, if you ever been to Riga!

Until next time – stay beautiful.

ps: Here are the prompts, if you decide to participate! Go ahead, it’s fun.
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