City Hot Spot: {Balzac Coffee}

Hello my Beauties,

*This post is now officially part of the {Blogtember series}, since it was required to Go to a coffee shop. Order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or write about anything you’d like! Bonus points for including a photo from the coffee shop.
And as Balzac is my most favorite coffee shop, i couldn’t resist to use this post for that purpose.
I hope the lovely Jenni from Story of my Life doesn’t mind. 🙂 Enjoy the read & that gorgeous coffee place. 

Back to the original post now:

happy Tuesday to all of you. I can’t really believe, it’s mid-august already. Summer is being really fast this year, don’t you think? 

We are still in middle of the european heat wave (even though it got a bit better over past few days), which makes it really hard to be really productive, i have to admit.
But on the other hand that’s the time to eat light, spend the warm nights outside, dance to the new summer tunes, meeting friends for a walk (don’t forget your sun block) and drink a lot of cooling & delicious drinks. 

That made me want to show you one of my recent favorite places here in town. 

Take a walk with me, my dear readers. Let’s go to Balzac Coffee.
If you’re my follower for a long time now, you will definitely remember my Coffee Quiz, that i did back in january, talking about my favorite kind of coffee and places, where i also mentioned Balzac Coffee.
(If you’re rather new, have a look and don’t hesitate to do the quiz as well. It’s a lot of fun actually.)

Balzac Coffee

When it comes to a drink, that’s really able to cool me down and refresh at the same time – it’s an Iced Caffe Latte. And what i like to do is to add some honey and sugar in it, instead of the usual caramel syrup, and take a really good sip.
How do you like your iced drink?

iced coffee in BalzacSo why do i prefer Balzac Coffee to all the other coffee chains, you might ask?
Well mostly it’s because of their ambiance and style. Recently my most favorite location had a refurbishment and surprised me with its new appearance.

I love what they did with the walls and how adorable the new furniture looks like. 
I mean who came up with the idea to build in a “fire-place” & fill it with different books?! Doesn’t it remind you of the Harry Potter movie somehow? I’m not sure why, but it does…
balzac coffee fire placeHow adorable are the little drawings on the snack board?! I thought it was a smart idea to present all the little yummy choices in that particular way. It stands out from just the usual names of the sandwiches.
Snacks board Balzac CoffeeI think last time i had a gouda cheese & tomato bagel there, which was a delicious choice!
What’s your most favorite snack in coffee shops like this?
Do you stick to sweets, like cupcakes & brownies only?

fire place balzac coffeeIf you’re like me and enjoy blogging (writing in general) somewhere outside, this is definitely a great place to sit down, enjoy your favorite drink and get your creative ideas flowing.

I have to say, i do feel like Carrie when i find myself sitting there with my laptop, editing pictures and planning upcoming posts. Good thing is, most people don’t even care what you’re doing there. (I hate nothing more, that strangers sitting behind me and reading what i’m writing. Do you know, what i mean?)
I’m sure Caroline from Style on the Side know’s what i’m talking about, since i remember her writing in a coffee shop somewhere in Canada as well.
The day i took these pictures, i was obviously simply enjoying my iced latte and a delicious muffin. Can you tell it was hot & humid outside and i look exhausted? 😉

If you get the chance to visit Berlin, you should have a coffee break at Balzac Coffee (Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 5), which is located between the famous Berlin Cathedral and the St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche). I’m not saying that’s the best coffee place in the entire world, but it has its own flair and a very popular location.
I’m always grabbing a cup of coffee there when i’m in the area. 

Q: Tell me about your favorite coffee place and if you are an “outdoor blogger”?

Share your story!

Until next time – stay beautiful!

Ps: This is definitely not a sponsored post. Just sharing a place that i really enjoy going to with you.