Clarins Colour Quartet for Eyes 50 So Chic – First Impression

Hello my Beauties,

it’s time to do a {First Impression} post on my new palette by {Clarins in 50 So Chic}.
This was a generous gift from my fellow blogger and friend Kareen from the Ziba Blog. A few months ago we did a beauty swap and i was lucky enough to find this palette in my package.

As you might notice, this palette has been untouched for the past 3 months, because i was literally waiting for the fall season to start experimenting with it. The colors were particularly screaming {fall} to me, so this is why i’m bringing you the First Impression post just by now. I’m sure Kareen wont mind.
Clarins 50 so chicClarins claims:
*Long lasting & easy to blend different colors
*Wear one color for a natural look or 2-3 colors more for a striking effect
*Dermatologist tested
*Made in Italy
*Retail value of this palette was around $40 when it first came out in 2008.
Depending where you buy it, you might get a really good deal on it nowadays.

The palette comes in the usual red Clarins packaging with a soft pouch and magnet closing, which makes it easy to carry the palette in your bag, if you have to. Inside there is a little compartment that holds a double ended sponge applicator and smudger, that you can use on the go to freshen up the look. At home i would always prefer brushes though. 

The whole upper lid of the palette is actually a big mirror, that might be very useful as well.
What i like about the packaging is that it’s quite sturdy and the upper lid stays in the position you want it to. Clarins 50 So Chic 2
The palette comes with four shades with metallic shimmer and even a little duochrome effect.
(As indicated on the packaging: Shimmery black, Intense plum, Smokey grey, Pearly white.)
Clarins 50 So Chic palette swatches
The pearly white is definitely a great highlighter for under the brow and for the corners of the eyes, as well as an all over the lid. Together with the grey-ish silver it’s going to create a nice every day look. Both light colors are very silky smooth and glide on like butter.

The brownish-purple or eggplant color has a lovely metallic shimmer to it and it get’s even better when you start building up the color in two or three layers. I assume it’s going to look fabulous in the crease. It’s probably my most favorite color of the palette, not only because it’s the purple family, but also because of the metallic shimmer. You know, i love my metallics!

The last color to me is more of a really dark anthracite rather than black with big silver shimmer.
That was the one i was not that happy about when i swatched it. It’s seems to be dryer than the rest of the colors, a bit crumbly and less blendable. I’m not sure it won’t be a huge fall-out ones you apply it into your crease or along the lash line.
Clarins 50 So Chic swatches 2Overall I really like the color combination of this palette, since you can do a variety of fall looks with it.
A really expressive smokey eye or an everyday soft look. 

Lasting power:
As i have not worn the colors on my lids yet, since this is only the first impression, i will tell you what i did. After doing the swatches for this post, i kept them on my hand and went to wash my dishes. You can only imagine my surprise, when i noticed the darker colors were still there, after i was done at my sink. Apparently you can go for a swim while wearing these colors. Now that would be fun, if it was true. Has anyone already tried that?
I guess at least the “long-lasting” part seems to be true.
first impression Clarins 50 So Chic

Q: How is your experience with Clarins cosmetics so far and have you ever tried their palettes before?

Until next time, stay beautiful.

Ps: As a little side note – there are similar colors out there at the moment.
If you look up the 01 Lounge Warm Tones – Colour Impact Eyeshadow Palette by KIKO, you might find some dupes there.
The value is around 16,90€ and you can find it on