Coffee Mug or Where’s my Coffee?!

Hello my Beauties,

first of all i have to thank you for receiving so well my post on fall inspired etsy finds, that i’ve posted last week. Some of you sent me a specific request to show you my most favorite type of coffee & tea mugs.

As most of you know, i’m a big fan of coffee, but an even bigger tea lover. And as i never liked small cups, even if they are the classier way of enjoying your hot beverage, i’m going to show you rather big mugs – the customized style. 
Esty Coffee Mugs

First of all i really like mugs, that have a slightly different shape and are a bit heavier to hold. When i saw these cute coffee mugs by Miss Pottery, made of clay, glaze & stoneware,
it immediately reminded me of my childhood and the cabin in the woods,
where i spent most of my preschool summers.
misspotterymugI’ll even show you exactly the moment, that these mugs remind me of:
Luchessa 1982See what i mean?!
It was the summer of 1982 and i was enjoying one of those summers.
(If you’d like to read the whole post about where i come from, you can do it Here.)

Nothing is more ‘original’, than mugs illustrated by an artist himself.
These two cute couple mugs caught my eye and i thought it was quite a smart idea.
I mean – Who wouldn’t like coffee in bed in a way like this?!
In the WAIQ store you can get a drawing of you & your loved one on those cups, which would definitely make a great and original gift.

In the time of Pinterest & Instagram we all learned to love wisdom quotes, don’t we?
So seeing your most favorite quote on your morning mug can make your day even better,
than it already is!
In Printable Wisdom you’ll find adorable ceramic mugs,
that will not only make you “Carpe Diem“, but also find your very own “Happy Place“.
you got thing mug

Claylicious is a truly wonderful pottery store, which offers a lot of different functional and decorative bowls & dinnerware.
What i actually like about their mugs is again that wheel thrown stoneware and the wide size of the mug itself, which makes it comfortable to use even for little soup portions.
And the idea of a hidden quote on the bottom seem pretty cute to me. You’ll only see it, when you done drinking.
claylicious mug

If you want to be a less grumpy cat in the morning or need some more Chanel in your life or you simply want to know “what does the fox say” – you might want to stop by PinkMugNY & find out what that fun shop has to offer. In my opinion there is something for everybody. 

PinkMugNY mugs
Another very fun & happy type of mugs i have found over on Mugxie who is offering a great graduation gift type of mugs. A great option is that the illustration on this personalized mug is completely customizable from the hairstyle to hair color and you can even add a name or text on the other side. I find that a very smart marketing move.

mugxie mugsmugxiemug2Finishing of this post by showing you a serious type of mug from the AbbyandGraceShop store, because nothing is more serious, than Vogue! Right?!
il_570xN.649852839_fshhHope you like my little mug selection. I have to admit, i just put 2 of these babies in my basket.
What are your most favorite mugs this season? Anything that makes you smile in particular?

Enjoy your coffee (or tea) & stay beautiful.