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I am open to collaborations, sponsorships, giveaways and other opportunities involved with PR companies.
PR companies should be working with brands and sites, that are relatable to my blog and is suitable for my audience.
Beauty expression by Luchessa is a blog based in Germany, that focuses on products from all over the world and features mainly reviews on decorative cosmetics, face, body and nail care in general. I love looking behind the curtains, to see how a product came to life and what’s the philosophy behind the brand. All the posts are written in english.
If you are a PR company and would like to send a product for consideration or simply share a press release, please contact me at:
In the interest of full disclosure, my readers will always be informed, which products have been sent for a review. 
I would like to hear from you, in case you have any specific requests, suggestions or comments regarding my blog, please don’t be shy and get in contact with me. You can also reach me through a email:
For any quick questions and chit-chat it’s best to tweet me: @luchessa

Please do not republish or use images published on Beauty expression by Luchessa, without my written consent. Thank you.

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