Cosmetics around the globe – ♥ Golden Rose Style Liner Metallic ♥

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Wishing you all a very relaxing sunday. Please feel free to grab your favorite weekend mug and let’s start with today’s post.

As you already know, i have a big passion for different kind of cosmetics around the globe. So every time i get the chance to try a new brand or a product line, that i haven’t seen before, i get seriously excited. Well who can blame me on that one?!
Recently i got my hands on some goodies by the turkish brand Golden Rose, that i previously talked about in my review on Golden Rose Paris Magic Color №314
As the brand is big not only on nail polishes, i was intrigued on trying some of the liners, mascaras, lipsticks and co. 
Today i would like to share with you my experience with the Style Liner Metallic.
Golden Rose Style Liner Metallics
What i loved right away about the packaging, is that you can immediately see what color it is, without having to look at the bottom or taking the lid off.
The liners are available in about 15 different metallic colors, that gives anyone the chance to find the right shade and
you get 6,5 ml / 0,22fl.oz of the products in one packaging. (The prices are obviously going to depend on where you get the products.)

The colors i have (from left to right) are:

  • 04 Green Metallic
  • 10 Dark Purple Metallic
  • 02 Gold Metallic

 As you can probably tell, they’re very shiny and opaque, so you would usually need only one stroke to get a line done.
Golden Rose Style Liner metallic swatches
Apparently it needs about 30 – 40 sec. for the liner to dry on your skin, but it still gives you enough time to correct it, if you feel like you messed up a little.

In my own experience i found it very easy to draw a fine or a thicker line, if needed, since the brush tip applicator is quite thin and easy to handle and the consistency is not too liquid, so there is no problem to get an even cat eye look on both eyes – which can be a difficult job sometimes, when you don’t have the right tool handy.
Golden Rose Metallic EyelinersAnother important quality of these liners in my eyes is the staying power. Ones dried on your lid, these liners stay put for the whole day. Literally! As i was doing the swatches for this blog post, i tried to smudge them on my hand and they just didn’t go anywhere. For someone who tend to have a rather oily eyelid, i really appreciate this long lasting formula.
But on the other hand you can easily remove the metallic liners with your favorite makeup removing wipes.

I have not had any allergic reaction to  the liners, both while applying the product and while wearing it throughout the day. 

My favorite of the three is def the gold one, since it “increases the value” of any everyday makeup and it really reminds me personally of those beautiful arabian style dramatic night looks.
I would definitely recommend you to try these style metallic liners in one of the many available colors.
As most of us don’t have an easy access in local stores to Golden Rose, i will leave a few links, where you can find it online.

If you try it, please let me know, i would for sure love to hear from you.
What’s your current  favorite liquid liner? Don’t be shy, share your secrets with me. 

Golden Rose USA online storefree shipping on any order on $25 or more at the moment. – online store based in Germany (might be an option for the UK buyers, since i couldn’t find any UK stores)
Golden Rose on Amazon  – nice option for everyone.