Currently Loving – Bloggers Edition

currently lovingHello my Beauties,

hope you’re really well this friday. 
Today i wanted to do an appreciative type of post, to show my gratitude to those who inspired me over the past few months, as well as gave me just the simple pleasure of reading.

I hope my readers agree with me on this and find some great new blogs to check out.
Why am i doing this? Because not only as a human being, but also as a blogger, we shouldn’t forget to pay it forward!

So here we go – my {Top 5 Bloggers of September 2014}

First of is the very knowledgeable style and beauty blogger Caroline from Style on the Side, who not only talks fashion history, but has also the right accessory tip for any occasion. For effortless chic and ideas on how to wear your fall fashion, stop by Style on the Side.
StyleonthesideYou’ve heard me rambling a lot about my love for tea.
So obviously when i’ve seen the following post by Katie from Katie: normal girl, i had to share it with you.

“Forget food and wine pairings, I’m all about book and tea pairings.” – So true in my opinion. I’ve heard someone saying, that people who especially love reading, are often big fans of tea. Are you?
So if you want some healthy living and fun inspiration from Katie, stop by Katie: normal girl.
(Katie, if you were up to creating a cozy blog experience for your readers, you definitely achieved that!)
KatienormalgirlNext blogger i’d like you to meet is Sunny from Mostly Sunny. There’s something about her, that makes me smile. You know how someone’s passion for beauty can be contagious? That’s what is it when it comes to Sunny.
If you’re looking for a blogger, who can bring you out of the state of being lost in Dior translation, it’s her!
Btw it’s totally her fault i had to have the Dior Lip Glow, because “I like the consistency, as it is neither too hard nor too melty (nothing worse than having your lip balm turn into a gooey mess in your handbag).”

Stop by Mostly Sunny blog & get reviews & swatches and be inspired the classy way.
(Just Beware: You might want to buy some Dior afterwards!)
mostlysunnyAnother love of mine is traveling, as you might already know.
And when a while ago i came across Amanda’s blog Living in another language, i immediately knew it was a great place to stay for a while. For the past year i’ve been reading about her adventures over in Korea, while now i’m being completely thrilled about her New Zealand photos.
I can only recommend to dive into LIAL – living in another language and read more about the journey of an expat!
LivinginanotherlangueageLast but most definitely not least, i’d love for you to meet another Caroline, who is the writer behind
Chocolate & Carrots. That’s someone who i’ve been following on Twitter for quite a while & been always enjoying her amazing baking recipes. Recently i’ve discovered her Cherry Coffee Cake Muffins. Do i really need to say more?!
The biggest reason why i’m recommending this blog to you, is (not just because she loves The Gilmore Girls & desperately longs to travel) but because it simply makes me happy. Caroline takes such delicious pictures for her recipes, that it almost makes me bite the screen …each and every time!
Take a look at Chocolate & Carrots and tell me what you think. Or even better – tell her!
chocolate and carrots
There you go my Beauties, these are my top 5 for this month.

Tell me, what or who inspired you this month & why? I’d love to hear from you!!

*All pictures in this post belong to the mentioned bloggers. I do not own the rights.