Currently Loving – October

Hello my Beauties,

hope your week has started off well & it wasn’t a busy day for you.
Here on my blog it’s time for another {Currently Loving} again. Hope you’re up for some fun.

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currently loving

Watching: The Voice of Australia (Season 1), The Voice of Russia (Season 3) + re-watching The Gilmore Girls. I seriously can’t get enough of those singing shows, especially since i noticed that it gives me positive energy & I keep smiling while watching it. And The Gilmore Girls…well, did you read my yesterdays post on {Who’d Play you in a Movie?}

Drinking: Tea! Most definitely tea and a lot of it. Since it got colder here in Germany, i rearranged my tea selection and picked out what feels the most suiting at the moment. Besides, i just recently got a De-Stress Hawaiian Way Herbal tea with lemongrass, hibiscus and rose hips, sent all the way by a dear friend from her vacation on Maui.
Maui Rainbow Tea
Signing up for: Several classes at my university. Spanish phonetic system – here i come. Let’s do it. 

TeachingMy mom how to use the new printer. She is a doctor, but not the best friend of the pc stuff. 

Wearing: Blurple nail polishes ( Blues & Purples), especially El Corazón’s 423/99 from the Easter Egg collection. It has some chunky black particles, that are actually quite hard get rid of, but since i remembered i could wear peel off base under it – suddenly there are no problems in wearing this polish more again.
El Corazon nail polish 423/99Eating: Simply deliciously made Polish pierogi with sauerkraut and mushrooms. Tried for the first time at a small local snack store and fell in love. In Poland btw pierogi are made since the thirteenth century and were exclusively prepared during the holiday season back then. I can only recommend this dish to all of you, as it is really delicious and very suiting for vegetarians.
Polish pierogiEnjoying: All the colorful leaves & the sunny fall weather, which makes all the lovely walks possible.
Fall leavesThrilled:
Honestly? Can’t wait until the holiday season actually starts, as i’m simply loving it.

Washing: My hair with Natura Siberica Active Organic Sea Buckthorn Shampoo. It gives me a great volume and doesn’t dry out my scalp, which most of the shampoo unfortunately do. If you have access to that line, i’d definitely recommend it. 

Excited: About so many little things, that always make my fall season perfect, like delicious apple desserts, cozy sweatshirts, fluffy scarves, cute boots & leather jackets, the freshness in the air, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, crunchy leaves, DVD evenings with my girlies and so much more. 

Feeling: Happy.

Believing: That there’s something wonderful waiting for me between now and the New Years Eve.

Loving: Life. (Just as short & simply. But sometimes it’s all it needs to be said).
LINEcamera_share_2014-10-27-23-03-27Q: What are YOU currently loving this month?