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Hello my Beauties,

now aren’t you excited about all the cozy knitted fall fashion, that you’re finally able to enjoy, since the weather is now a lot chillier? As i mentioned several times by now, i love the fall season and always do enjoy it to the fullest.

Today’s prompt for the Blogtober challenge is: {Fall Fashion}.
I tried to narrow it down, what style and fashion really mean to me during all the seasons, but especially right now. What i came up with was definitely my statement accessories.
Fall Fashion BlogtoberDuring fall i pull out all of my favorite statement jewelry, like chunky necklaces & big earring, but what i love the most, are scarves. I enjoy buying new scarves every year, store them as well as i can and pick out the matching ones with every new outfit. 

Usually i wear layered sweaters & vests or cardigans on the daily basis and throw on a scarf to simply keep my neck warm and to give the outfit a pop of color. Can you tell, that my favorite color is blue this fall?

I have recently discovered something, that has been there for centuries – the ‘shawls a la russe’ which is a luxurious floral trend from Russia! The big ones are usually pure wool blend and not only look great over your coat, but also just over your shoulders. It gives you this sense of specific femininity and classic style.

Most probably you’ve seen several of the traditional pattern out there. One of the most popular and acknowledged shawl factories you’ll find in Pavlovo Posad (located a few dozen miles from Moscow), which has been making shawls, wraps, throws, kerchiefs, and a lot more to these days since 1795.
I actually find their slogan: “Flowers of Russia on your Shoulders!” quite adorable.
Fall Fashion a la russeSo there you have it – my Fall Fashion a la russe. On their official homepage you’ll find stores, where the original shawls are available, in case you are interested. I would highly recommend to only buy the high quality product, instead of just printed knock-offs. 

What’s your fashion statement this season, my Beauties?


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