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Hello my Beauties,

Today is a really fun day for me, as i’m bringing you a guest post,
that involves a creative {FairyTale Mani Tutorial}.

I assume that many of you know this talented artist, but those who are new to Brijit’s Digits are going to be surprised how a design is actually coming together. The lovely Brijit was kind enough to prepare this post for you to enjoy!

Hi everyone! My name is Brijit and I’m addicted to nail polish…

I was so insanely flattered to be asked by Luchessa to make a nail art tutorial for you, she is a blogger I really admire!
It was so fun to work with her on this. I suggested a {wolf mani tutorial}, she said “Little Red Riding Hood”, and I knew exactly how I wanted to do this πŸ™‚

You’re going to need quite a few supplies for this nail art! It’s so much easier to gather them up before you start, and while you’re at it, nip to the toilet (yes, really) and get a glass of water ready!


Ready? Okay, let’s see how fast you can gather up this little lot!

You will need

  • Red nail polish – the brighter, the better! I used Barry M Blood Orange
  • Pale green nail polish – a dusty colour is good. I used Bondi New York Lady Liberty
  • 2 grey nail polishes – they should be very very similar, just one slightly darker than the other
  • Pale flesh coloured polish – white will do the job if you don’t have one
  • Pale pink nail polish
  • White nail art pen (if you don’t have one, white nail polish, or acrylic paint, a detail brush and dotting tool*)
  • Black nail art pen (if you don’t have one, black nail polish or acrylic paint, a detail brush and dotting tool*)
  • Gold (or yellow) Nail art Pen (or nail polish and a dotting tool*… you get the idea πŸ˜‰ )
  • Your favourite top and base coats – to protect your nails and protect your nail art

It took me about 30 minutes to get all that together, how about you? πŸ˜€

*dotting tool – you don’t need a ‘real one’ – it can be a tooth pick, bobby pin, darning needle, ….

Good tip:
I’m going to be letting you into a few nail art secrets here!
The first, and most important nail art secret is patience!
And my patience holds out best if I do the hard bits first. So that may mean painting my dominant hand first, or doing the more complicated accent nail first. That way, all the hard bit is over and done with before you start to lose interest, and the rest is super easy πŸ™‚

Maybe you already do some nail art, in which case, here is a quick summary of all the steps for this first, ‘hard part’:

Wolf in Grandma's Clothing Tutorial

1. After your base coat, use your darker grey polish – the base part of your wolf’s face is a kind of tear-drop shape with the tip cut off. Leave a gap at the cuticle – your granny’s hat will be there! Don’t stress about getting the lines smooth or perfect, you’ll have the chance to correct them later πŸ™‚

1 - Wolf Head Shape

2. With the lighter of the two polishes – add a rounded heart-shape in the middle of the wolf’s face.
This won’t be so obvious with all the rest of the detail, but it will give a bit of ‘frame’ to the wolf’s face, and make him look a little more realistic.

2 - Lighter heart shape

3. Using your white nail art pen, or your nail art brush and white polish/paint, add a white underside to your wolf’s muzzle. This doesn’t have to be perfect – or even symmetrical ! Each wolf is different, yours can be too πŸ™‚

3 - Dot underside of muzzle

4. With the black nail art pen, or black polish/paint & detail brush, add 2 parallel lines from where the inside of your wolf’s eyes will be, down towards his nose a little. Then you can add the nose too, a rounded-off rectangle, and the wolfy mouth of course !

4 - First black details

5. Mark out where your eyes will be. Don’t be afraid to put them quite close together, this will give your wolf an untrustworthy, shifty look!

5 - Outline eyes

6. Add some rounded triangles for ears (not too high up, you still need room for his hat), fill in the eyes black and add some lines down the side of the face to help even it out and add shading.

6 - add ears

7. Complete the eyes with a gold (or yellow) dot in the centre, and a small black dot right in the middle of that. If your black dot is quite small, it will give your wolf a scary stare! Then place a white blob in the ears and flick it out with your dotting tool or nail art pen to make hairy ears (all the better to hear you with!)

7 - Fill Eyes and Ears

8. With your pale green, you can add the ‘grandma hat’ – this can be splodgy, and you could use a dotting tool to fill it out some more. It doesn’t have to be perfect πŸ™‚

8 - Splodge on Gma's Night Cap

9. Use the black nail art pen (or black polish/paint and detail brush) to add some shadowing under and around the hat

9 - Shadow Cap

10. And add some white frills under it! My wolf is wearing Grandma’s night-dress, which has little clusters of 4 dots scattered on it, so I put some of that on the hat, too πŸ™‚ Grandma likes it when things match !

10 - Add White HighlighsNice job !

Let’s move on to Little Red Riding Hood, shall we?

A quick step-by-step if you already feel confident – you can see she is easier than the wolf πŸ˜‰

Riding Hood Tutorial

1. Start with the basic shape of the face first, in the pale flesh colour; or white. Leave a gap for your hood around your cuticles.

11 - Pale Face Shape

2. Then, using red (of course!) paint in a hood around the face. It should be slightly thicker at the top, and will look more realistic if the lines aren’t straight! If your nails are more tapered than mine, then don’t worry about going down the sides, it isn’t necessary. Add pale pink ‘splotches’ for the cheeks, and a very tiny splotch for the tip of the nose.

12 - Hood and pink cheeks

3. Back to the red – a few dots spread around will make a pretty mouth. Then you can use your black to start adding the details. For the eyes, black dots with flicks out for eyelashes, and for the nose, a couple of curved lines.

13 - Red mouth, black details

4. Add golden (or yellow) hair with your gold nail art pen (or polish/paint and dotting tool). It should be uneven and wispy, not just a straight line.

14 - Golden Hair

5. Then you can use your black pen (or polish/paint and detail brush) to add a few creases in the hood, some shading and a surprised mouth (heck, I’d be surprised if I found a wolf dressing as my grandma! Your shading will look less harsh if you don’t try to use continuous straight lines. Let them wiggle a bit and dot around πŸ™‚

15 - Last Details

Now, here’s the second big tip for any successful nail art! Let it dry. Like, really dry. As dry as you can stand!
Then (a) you are less likely to chip it inadvertently and (b) it is less likely to bubble or smear!

And the third big tip is – top coat! It will smooth out any bumps and make it all look more professional.
Unfortunately, when you do detailed nail art, top coat does tend to make it smear. So apply a first coat in gentle dabs (never dab the same place twice on the first coat!) to seal it.
Once those first dabs are totally dry, you can use a second coat to really smooth it all down without worrying πŸ™‚


I really hope you found that all interesting! I’d love to see some more fairy tale-inspired nail art πŸ™‚

There you go my Beauties. I really hope you find some inspiration to recreate this mani or do something similar. If you do so, please let Brijit & me know what you came up with – share your links.
Visit Brijits blog for more creative nail art ideas and chat with her on Twitter. (Tell her, I sent you!)

Until next time – stay beautiful.