Featuring {Pink Lady Beauty} and Tips on Luxury Beauty Products

Hello my Beauties,

as you might know, i love having great bloggers over on my site, showing their potential and knowledge to my audience. For them it’s a nice way to spread the word about their blogs and for us to get to know a (new) blogger a little bit better.
And today i want to introduce you to one of my most favorite bloggers, who I’ve been following from the beginning of my own blogging days:

The Michigan girl Melissa from {Pink Lady Beauty}.
pink lady beautyIf you haven’t heard of her blog yet, you definitely should take a look.
I’m always admiring Melissa’s great {Face of the Day posts}, paired with a detailed product reviews, such as foundation, blushes, lipsticks ect.
(All the pictures used in this post were either sent me by Melissa herself or taken from her blog.)

Melissa’s’ tips on luxury beauty products.

Before getting into this post, let me just thank Luchessa for asking me to be a part of her wonderful blog. The best part about blogging is forging new friendships, and I am so grateful to have met someone like Luchessa!
Her spirit is so kind, positive, and refreshing. Thank you for asking me to write for you! 

Now, let’s get into enjoying some luxury beauty products, even if you can’t pay big money for the big brand names, like Chanel and Dior. Reading beauty blogs or watching videos on YouTube might make us want to run out and try the next big thing, but what if that big thing is too much for our wallets? Luckily, there are many ways to get big luxury without spending big money.
luxury samples
1 – Free samples: Many beauty businesses give out free samples. Take advantage of them, but don’t be greedy. Be friendly with the sales associates and kindly ask for a sample of what you would like to try. Wanting to try Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation but not wanting to buy a full bottle, I talked to the sales associate at the Chanel counter and she provided me with two samples, which I really liked! When you order online, sometimes you can get full bags of samples as a gift with purchase. Many brand websites also offer free samples, but be careful when submitting personal information. 

2 – Swaps: You can do swaps with friends online or in person. Have a night of hors devours, refreshments, and bring your beauty items to trade! Always practice good etiquette by swapping gently used and disinfected items. 

3 – Get to know the mark down section: Do you know where the clearance section is in your favorite beauty store? If not, check it out! I have found so many amazing items at the one in my Sephora, including Illamasqua nail polish for $4 USD (normally $17), and Cargo foundation for $7 USD (normally $36USD).

4 – Have a spa night at home: For much-needed rest and recreation, it is easy to create a luxurious spa night at home for under $10, or even $5 USD. Buy one time only packets of face masks and bath salts, and enjoy a good book in the tub! 

5 – Enter giveaways: Blogs and other websites, or printed beauty publications often host giveaways. For example, in the US Lucky magazine has several giveaways every month. BeautifulGiveaways.com is a website that only has giveaways. I actually won a month of contact lenses there! When you do enter smaller giveaways on blogs or YouTube, make sure that it is one that you read, love, and support, and want to spread the word about! 

Thank you so much for reading my guest post, and if you have any recommendations for how to enjoy big beauty on a smaller budget, definitely recommend them in the comments!


So, what do you think, my Beauties? Aren’t these quite useful & smart tips to follow? 
I have to say, i never purchase any expensive products without getting a few samples and really trying them. 
I mean, wouldn’t it be a bummer if you pay so much money and end up not using it, because the texture doesn’t suit your skin or it makes you break out?!

If you would like to chat about nail polish, beauty and accessories with Melissa, find her on Twitter.
Or if you are in the mood for beauty videos on Youtube – Pink lady Beauty is also there to find. Have a look & say Hi!

Until next time – stay beautiful.