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You know how passionate i get, when it comes to spreading the word and giving my fellow bloggers the opportunity to have their spot light! Recently i created a guest blogging page and made sure, i asked some of my favorite Beauties to participate in this project. 

So today i would like you to meet one of the smartest and very talented beauty & lifestyle blogger – Kareen.
She is the creative mind behind the wonderful Ziba-Blog.
Ziba Blog
I love reading her posts. In my eyes she is not the “regular beauty blogger” – if i may express it that (most positive) way.
And if i had to describe my own feeling that i get, when i stop by her blog – it’s pure relaxation.
Like having a “wellness read” infront of your eyes. 

Two of her latest posts are about a visit of the International Spa & Beauty Exhibition In Paris – Part I and Part II – i mean, how suiting is that?! 😉 
Let’s see what Kareen came up with for her featured post.


The Simplicity of Skincare

Hi, my name is Kareen and I am the writer behind Ziba. 

As a blogger, I’ve gotten to know so many other cool and talented bloggers. Luchessa happens to be one of the kindest, most positive and encouraging bloggers that I know! And she generously offered me the chance to write a guest post for her. So since I get to pick the topic, I thought I would write about a subject that I’m very passionate about… 
Growing up, I was fortunate to have not suffered from too many skin problems. Not even during my teenage years. It really wasn’t until my mid-twenties (about a year ago) that I began to suffer from adult acne. I guess it had to happen at some point or another. The acne was really bad too. I wish I had some “before” photos to show you of my skin during that period in my life. But as you can imagine, I was always avoiding the camera.  
Anyway, that was how I became obsessed with clearing up my skin and reading up on skincare. It was then that I began to discover how much the health of our skin is intertwined with our overall health. 
Usually when people have skin problems, they’re told to buy this product. Or take this and that type of medicine. But I’ve found very few people out there who really focus on the relationship between our health and our skin. The thing is, when we have a physical internal imbalance, it can reflect on our external health. This means on our skin! 
When I talk about the simplicity of skincare, I mean that skincare doesn’t have to be about buying the most expensive products out there. It’s more about making your health a priority. When you make your health your priority, you automatically make your skin your priorityIt’s that simple. 
Plus! You benefit in so many other ways! Remember after all, health is wealth. So you can look forward to not only having clear, glowing skin but also having lots more energy, reducing the number of times you get sick, and developing just an overall sense of well being. This healthy, happy radiance can show up in your eyes and can be beautiful in itself.
So, when I give my friends and readers advice on skincare–I don’t start with the usual advice like cleansing, toning, moisturizing, etc. Yes, those everyday skincare routines are important too. But I only get around to talking about those once I’ve mentioned the most fundamental rules of skincare.  
These are My Top 5 Guidelines for Having Truly Healthy Skin from the inside out. 
1) Eat well
2) Sleep well 
3) Let go of stress 
4) Avoid / protect yourself from the sun.
5) Stop smoking.
Even if you don’t suffer from skin problems like acne, following these guidelines will ensure that you’ll continue to have healthy skin. And slow down the March of Time (aka, aging and wrinkles). 
These guidelines are actually more like lifestyle modifications. They take time, patience and commitment in order to be developed. 
To elaborate, I’ll use the first idea as an example. Eating well. 
When I talk about eating well, I mean you should eat plenty of fresh vegetables regularly. But you don’t need to make drastic changes in your diet overnight! Instead, I would encourage you to make slow changes. One day at a time. 
For example, you can slowly introduce more and more fresh foods in your meals. Maybe you can commit to having a side of veggies for one meal tomorrow. And, maybe during the whole of next week, you’ll make sure to have a side of vegetables with at least one meal each day. And then the following week, two meals (lunch and dinner) will feature some kind of fresh veggie dish. And so on.
Overtime, your tastes will adjust and you’ll realize that vegetables are actually DELICIOUS! And they make you feel good. And make you look good. So naturally, overtime, your meals will tend to be made up of more and more vegetables than any other types of foods.
I know there are some people who don’t want to hear advice like “eat well” or “stop smoking” because they are afraid if they try and fail that this will somehow be a reflection of their character. But my advice is this… don’t be too hard on yourself! Make adjustments slowly and patiently. 
These are lifestyle changes after all. And they take a lot of time. Maybe even years! Years of trying, sliding back to old habits and then trying again. But when you’re committed to your health, you have to be especially patient with yourself. Keep your commitment to practicing and learning more and better ways of cultivating your health. 
The simplicity of skincare means that when you focus on the whole of your health, the natural result is beautiful skin and a beautiful you.
These days, I no longer suffer from acne. And my skin has a positively radiant glow. By sharing my ideas, I hope that it will help you to clear up whatever skin problems you might have. And as a plus, maybe it will even help you develop some really healthy habits along the way. Who knows?
But even if you’ve taken absolutely nothing away from all of this, I can only hope that I didn’t just end up sounding like your mother telling you to eat more vegetables! 
yours naturally,
Feel free to visit my blog Ziba to read more about Beauty, Health and Wellness.
So what about you, does your skincare routine involve making your health a priority? 
Well my Beauties, what can i say – i’m very happy to have Kareen being the first one to write a guest post.
I really hope you visit her blog and find out a lot more about healthy lifestyle, skin and hair care, even behind the scenes of the Parisian Fashionistas get-together.

For a chit-chat you can contact Kareen on Twitter as well. Don’t be shy. 🙂
Until next time – stay beautiful.
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