♥ Glossybox Golden Christmas Edition ♥

Hello my Beauties!

Hope your Christmas celebration was a nice experience this year and you are ready to get the New Year 2013 started. 

As a little addition to the Christmas presents, i got my Glossybox – Golden Christmas Edition delivered right the day before Christmas Eve. It’s one of the special limited edition boxes, that you could purchase back in november for 30 euro.
Obviously it’s more expensive than the usual Glossybox subscription, but the products that were promised supposed to have an over all price of 70 euro and higher. 

I wasn’t really sure if this Christmas box was really worth it, but of course my curiosity & excitement were stronger. 😉

So what did i get?!

Glossybox Golden Christmas Edition

Biodroga Power Moist Mask – 50ml / 27,50 Euro
is a “refreshing, silky mask that nourishes, pampers and protects moisture-deficient skin. Optimizes and stabilizes the skin’s moisture balance over the long term and promotes skin elasticity and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Gently stimulates collagen and elastin formation in the skin and reduces tautness and dryness. For moisture-deficient skin. Suitable even for neurodermatitis.”
BECCA Beach Tint – 7ml / 25.00 Euro
“BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Each shade is deliciously scented in its synonymous name.”
BECCA Beach Tint Biodroga Power Moist Mask
BM Beauty Lash Thickening Mascara – 8ml / 15 Euro
“Black lash thickening mascara from BM Beauty is infused with minerals with a blend of nourishing oils and waxes. Contains beeswax, sunflower oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract. Use to achieve full, voluminous lashes without clumping. Cruelty free. BUAV and PETA approved.”
Kryolan Professional Make-Up High Gloss  – 4ml / 16 Euro
Brilliant Lip Shine in Catwalk
“High Gloss is a newly developed lip gloss with special pearl pigments based on Mica providing the lips with extraordinary radiance.”
BM Beauty Lash Thickening Mascara Kryolan Professional Make-Up High Gloss
Elite Models Strass Liner Black – 2,5ml / 11,90 Euro
The perfect eyeliner for the festive occasions. It’s waterproof and gives your eyes a diamond shimmer.
Nails INC London Lowndes Square nail polish – 10ml / 13 Euro
“A dusky grey lilac shade. Lowndes Square is an understated, chic shade guaranteed to impress.”
False Lashes by Glossybox & a golden make-up bag as two additional goodies
Elite Models Strass Liner Black False Lashes by Glossybox Nails INC London Lowndes Square n

Everything came in full size and i really liked how the box itself, the card and the ribbon were coordinated in sparkling black and gold. Very festive & shiny. The products are really high-class and mostly match one theme as well.

I didn’t quite get the color pick of the nail polish, but i guess Glossybox was trying to fit all the different kind of tastes out there. As for me, i’m not a big fan of plain simple clean creme polishes, but the dusky grey-ish lilac is not a bad color at all. But shouldn’t it be something more in red or gold? Just wondering…
 Golden Christmas Edition
I can’t wait to properly get to use these products and see how good they really are. Already loving the strass liner. It’s a great dark black with many shiny sparkles in it. Exactly what i want for this time of the year. I’m especially interested in testing the Beach tint and the Biodroga face mask. Have you tried any of these products before? As far as I know, Becca is already quite popular and slowly becomes a more known brand here in Germany.

So in my eyes it was the right decision to get this special box. A total price of 108,40 Euro isn’t bad at all for a holiday box.
If you wish a review on any particular product, let me know in the comments below.

What about you my Beauties?? Have you purchased any kind of party/glamour/Christmas box this year? Please share if you did.
Wishing everyone a fabulous last week of 2012 for now.