Grimm’s Fairy Tales: {Cinderella} Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my Beauties,

it’s the last nail polish related post for this week and today i introduce you to a great blogger by bringing a creative nail art design to your attention. We still let ourselves get inspired by the different Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
And this time i want you to meet the super lovely Zenorah with proud roots from Trinidad & Tobago and who’s currently living in Canada. She also has a youtube channel, where i keep admiring her gorgeous hair.
For today’s tutorial i asked Zenorah to create something about Cinderella. Let’s see what she came up with.

My name is Zenorah and I am from & (
First, I want to start by thanking Luchessa for graciously inviting me to partake in her Grimm Tales Nail Art Tutorials – I have been a fan of her blog for a long time so this means a lot to me, thank you Luchessa!

I was a bit hesitant at first doing this tutorial because 1) I’m not the most creative person and 2) I have never really done quintessential nail art before (I’m a half moon/foil art nail kind of girl).
However, I accepted this invitation as a challenge onto thy self and my main goal was to incorporate as many textures of polishes as possible while maintaining the Cinderella theme:

I used crème, shimmer, glitter and texture polishes – so let’s get to this Cinderella inspired nail art tutorial!

1) Base Colours: I started off by painting my thumb & middle finger = Zoya Tallulah, my index & pinky finger = China Glaze Sea Spray and my ring finger = Zoya Pixie Dust in Solange.

Cinderella nail art 0032) Thumb: Using a nail art dotting tool I applied 3 glitter particles from Milani’s Glitter in ‘Silver’, a nail decor to represent the stroke of “midnight” and used Sally Hansen Hard as Nail’s ‘Celeb City’ to draw free hand the “12”.

3) Index Finger: I used a larger circular dotting tool to apply large dots with Zoya’s Tallulah, filled it in with a smaller dotting tool with Zoya’s Pixie Dust in Solange as well as Sally Hansen ‘Celeb City’.

Cinderella nail art 0394) Middle Finger: I used a Konad stamping nail art, selected a whimsical ‘starry’ night theme and used Sally Hansen ‘Celeb City’ as the base colour of the stars. I applied sparingly OPI ‘Last Friday Night’ glitter with a dotting tool around the stars and used a few pieces of silver glitter particles from Milani Glitter in ‘Silver’ to create an enchanted theme.

5) Ring Finger: I drew free-hand using Zoya’s Tallaluh across the nail to represent Cinderella’s trade mark headband and applied a golden nail decorative to represent her beautiful golden hair.
Cinderella nail art 027
6) Pinky Finger: This was the easiest of all, I simply applied one coat of OPI’s Last Friday Night’ which is the perfect Cinderella glitter top coat to finish off the manicure.

I waited roughly 10-15 minutes for the manicure to dry and applied a shiny top coat. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, once again being a newbie art nail art and I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

Cinderella nail art 055What do you guys think?
For more beauty and nail polish reviews please visit my blog Zenorah and if you are interested in watching beauty videos you can head on over to my Beauty Channel ZENnetwork on youtube.

Thank you once again to Luchessa for hosting me on her lovely blog =)

There you go my Beauties. Which nail is your favorite one? I have to say, i like the ring finger best. The color combination of the gold & blue accent is so very pretty and definitely suits the Cinderella theme. 

For more fairy tale inspired designs please come back next friday. And in case you’re good in nail art and you’d like to participate – send me an email.