Grimm’s Fairy Tales: {Rapunzel Nail Art Tutorial}

Hello my beauties,

today i would like to introduce you to the new
Fall & Winter 2013 nail art series inspired by The Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

The awesome collaboration with Brijit’s Digits and the Wolf & Red Riding Hood tutorial last week gave me the idea of this series. It’s the special season, where we tend to stay home, be cozy and read more books.
All that reminded me of my childhood when i loved reading fairy tales, especially those written by Brothers Grimm. 

Since i’m not exactly a nail art artist (even though i love everything nail polish related & do have my moments), i asked my favorite nail art bloggers what they thought about the idea of creating nail art tutorials inspired by those fairy tales for my lovely readers. And guess what – i was able to get many of them on board.
So without further rambling, here is the {Rapuzel inspired design} created by my friend Polish Alcoholic.

Hi everyone!
I’m so honored to share this fairy tale nail art tutorial with you guys here at Luchessa’s fabulous blog! 

Thanks for having me sweetheart!

As I couldn’t decide of a fairy tale, Luchessa helped me out and I finally picked Rapunzel. My inspiration for this mani is this image which I found on the web. (Source “Tangled” official Disney site.)rapunzelAnd here’s what I came up with:RapunzelWhat you’ll need to create this mani:
* light pink nail polish (ANNY Princess)
* darker pink nail polish (ANNY Hippie dance)
* light yellow nail polish (ANNY Lucky surfer girl)
* nude-isch brown nail polish (ANNY Only you)
* green nail polish (OPI Forrest My Case)
* light green nail polish (ANNY Mountain resort)
* white nail polish
* black nail polish
* saran wrap
* dotting tool(s)
* small nail art brush/striper

Let’s get started!tut11. Start with a light pink base. I’ve used two coats of Princess by ANNY. And let it dry completely.

2. Grab a piece of saran wrap to create a saran wrap look with a darker pink polish. I’ve used Hippie dance by ANNY. Tip: If you’re out of saran wrap -as I am-, a lunch baggie will do the job 😉

3. Use a small nail art brush or striper and a light pink polish to create the first line where you’d like to create Rapunzel’s long golden hair. This is just a guide line. tut24. Use a striper and a nude-isch brown polish to add more strokes of hair. I’ve used Only you by ANNY.

5. Repeat step 4 with a light yellow polish. I’ve used Lucky surfer girl by ANNY.

6. While the polish is still wet repeat steps 4 and 5 alternately. Because the polish is still wet the colors will blend together to achieve a more realistic look of Rapunzel’s hair.

Now it’s time to paint Rapunzel’s chameleon, Pascal:tut37. Start painting Pascal’s head with a nail art brush and green nail polish. I’ve used Forrest My Case by OPI.

8. Create Pascal’s eyes with a big dotting tool and white nail polish.

9. After that is completely dry, add two black dots in the white ones with a dotting tool and black nail polish.

10. Use a small nail art brush and a lighter hue of green nail polish to create depth in the green, where Pascal’s mouth should be.

Finish with a top coat and you’re ready to go!

There you go, my Beauties. How do you like this manicure? Isn’t that a fun fairy tale design? I like it how she came up with this modern twist. 
If you like Sabrina’s nail art, please visit her blog for more swatches & designs and chat with her on Twitter.