Grimm’s Fairy Tales: {The Golden Key} Nail Art Tutorial

Hello my Beauties,

today i’m really happy to introduce you to another talented blogger who does creative nail art on her blog.
It’s Talia from {lekker lacquer}. I love how she get’s her inspiration from star photos and tries to recreate the nail look. Just recently she did a Katy Perry rose nails. So lovely.
For todays guest post i invited Talia to surprise us with The Golden Key tale inspired tutorial.
Let’s see what she came up with:

Hi everyone.
I am extremely honoured to be guesting on the inspirational Luchessa’s blog today. I absolutely love her blog and she’s had some amazing nail bloggers already make a guest appearance. So, needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to create a Grimm’s Fairy Tale inspired nail art tutorial and I’ve really enjoyed it!

I decided to do The Golden Key because I thought it would be a nice tutorial to do. I’ve been away at the dam for a few days, so I did my mani in the beautiful South African sunshine.

Here is my Golden Key mani, I hope you like it!


Want to know how to do this mani? Here are the steps for the key:



Step 1: Choose a base coat for your key finger, I used a shimmery turquoise. Paint two coats of polish and let it dry.


Step 2: Use a tiny nail art brush to paint the key. At the top of your nail, paint a semi-circle, followed by a half-heart shape to the right of it.


Step 3: On the opposite side, paint another half-heart shape and join the two at the bottom. This will form the top of your key.


Step 4: Paint a line downwards. At the bottom of that line, paint three short lines attached to the main shaft of the key.


Step 5: Using a dotting tool (or your brush), make two small dots in the middle of the top of the key (see arrow above) and line across the main stem (see the arrow).


Step 6: Join the two dots in the center to the top of the key creating a circular motif.


Step 7: We’re now going to do the shading to add a bit of depth. Using a black polish paint lines on the right-hand inside and outside of the top of the key. Then paint a black line down the right of the main shaft.


Step 8: To finish your key, paint black lines at the bottom of your three short lines. And Ta-da! You have yourself a golden key!

The second part of the mani is the lock and keyhole. This is a bit easier. You can put this on any nail, I thought it would look cute on my pinky.


Here are the steps in a little more detail:


Step 1: Choose a light brown base colour, I used a golden shimmery beige. Paint two coats and allow to dry. Using your nail art brush, paint a keyhole shape in the middle of the nail and an oval shape around it.


Step 2: Fill in the lock with your brown polish.


Step 3: Now, using your black polish, paint a shadow line on the right-hand inside side of the keyhole. Then paint a black line on the right-hand side of the lock.


Step 4: Using your tan/nude polish, paint an accent line on the left hand side of the keyhole and left-hand side of the lock.


Step 5: To finish it off, use your dotting tool and your gold polish to paint dots around the lock. And that’s it!

These are the polishes I used:

  • Turquoise base coat: LA Girl ADDICT “Obsess” 111
  • Gold: Skin Food Glipop “3” (the name is in korean)
  • Black: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Black Out”
  • Light brown/beige base coat: Catrice “In the Armee Glow” 33
  • Brown: OPI “Wooden Shoe Like to Know”
  • Tan/nude: Tip Top “Iced Almond” 919

That’s all from me! I hope you have as much fun trying this out as I did. Happy polishing!

Oh isn’t the key the cutest thing?! If you want to see more of Talia’s creations, please visit her at lekkerlacquer or find her on Twitter.

Come back next friday for more Grimm’s Fairy Tale inspired tutorials.