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Hello my Beauties,

today i would love to introduce you ones again to a great blogger, who i had the honor of having as a co-host for the weekly Friendly Bunch Blog Hop before. 
This time I asked Irina from {I’ll take it all} to tell my readers a little bit about her most favorite products that were made in South Africa, where Irina lives. 
If you’re like me and love learning about new beauty products from all over the globe, you’re going to love this post!
Irina from i'll take it all

Today I am guess-posting with the lovely Luchessa from
I am going to tell you about my five favourite beauty products that are made in our sunny South Africa. It is great to know that our country produces such great products, and even though I am a fan of international products, I do encourage you to invest in local products from time to time 🙂
5 favorite sounth african beauty products
1. African Extracts Rooibos Face Wash – Rooibos is Afrikaans (local language in South Africa) and translates to Red Bush in English. It is a plant that grows in the Western Cape in South Africa, and is commonly used in tea. Rooibos is a wonderful and is full of antioxidants so it is great for your skin. This is a wonderful face wash that I use every night that doubles as a cleanser and a make-up remover for me. It foams nicely, smells beautifully and lasts me 3-4 months. The price for such a great product is ridiculously cheap- it is R34 which is about 4$.
rooibos face wash
2. Rose Petal Bath Milk from Hey Gorgeous – I am obsessed with this bath milk, and have previously written a review about it. Hey Gorgeous is a vegan brand that produces 100% organic beauty products. The Bath Milk is all natural is contains bicarbonate soda and actual rose petals. It is such a treat for your skin, especially during the dry winter months. It costs R90 which is just under 10$.
rose petal bath milk
3. Extreme Moisture Dry Oil Spray from Woolworths – I stay in Johannesburg, which has the most dry winters. My skin needs extra moisture besides my usual moisturiser and serum. I love this spray from Woolworths, it contains extracts of almond oil and smells delicious. I apply a few sprays before bed time on my face and body and it has been an absolute life-save for me this winter. It costs R60/6$.
Extreme Moisture Dry Oil Spray from Woolworths4. Sorbet Hydrating Face Mask – Sorbet is a set of beauty salons that are all over South Africa. I love stopping by them for a relaxing mani-pedi and a massage. They sell their products at their salons as well as local drug stores, and this mask is my favourite. Sometimes it is such tedious work to apply a mask to your face and then have to wash it off. This is shaped like your face and you just put it on your face for twenty minutes. It smells fruity and is so hassle free. It is my Sunday ritual to put on the mask, and carry on with my things while my skin is absorbing all of the goodness from it. It is cheap, costing R30/3$

sorbet hydrating face maskP.S I took a photo of my self with the mask on, but it looked very scary!

5. Environ Derma – Lac Lotion – I love, love, LOVE this product! This is a miracle for dry, patchy skin and it is one of the best products out there. It contains medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids which helps all different kinds of skin conditions such as Keratosis Pilaris, sun-damaged skin and un-even tone. I love it because it hydrates my skin in winter and it has a oily based see-through like texture. All Environ products are fragrant-free so this lotion has a very nice, clean smell to it. It is the most pricey on the list at just over R200/20$, but if you were to request one beauty product from South Africa, this should be the one!
Environ Derma-Lac Lotion
P.S If you live in South Africa you can stand a chance to win one of these for your self in my latest giveaway!

What did i tell you, my Beauties? Aren’t those products super exciting? This Environ Derma-Lac Lotion sounds def like something i might enjoy using. Love giving my skin some TLC!

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