Halloween Costume Reveal – Blogtober14

Hello my Beauties,

happy spooky Halloween 2014 to all of you. Are you going to a party? What are your plans for tonight?

It’s the last day of the Blogtober14 challenge and i can’t believe how fast this month has actually went by.
I’ve to admit, i missed out on a few prompts for the challenge, but neither the less, i’ve managed to blog every day in october, which counts even more in my opinion. 
Thanks to Helene and Tay for keeping all of us on the feet & going this whole month. You guys have been a great motivation and i’m glad to have actually met several cool new bloggers.

Today prompt is {Halloween Costume Reveal}.
But let me explain first.
Here in Germany this holiday isn’t really being celebrated, as you do in the States & Canada. Of course it has become more and more popular over the past 10 years or so. Kids are going trick-or-treating and leave some toothpaste on your door, if you don’t open up and some of the clubs are offering Halloween parties this weekend.

As for me personally, i won’t be going to any party, as it’s a working weekend for me. But if i would, you’d probably see something like that.
Let’s imagine me being a sleeping beauty turned super hero?!
Don’t I look simply fantastic? This mascara DOES make my eyes look bigger! 

Halloween Costume RevealWell not really. I just wanted to share a funny picture with you, wish you a glorious Halloween night and a successful & motivated new month of November. 
Don’t hesitate to stop by again.

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