Halloween Special: The old woman in the woods {Grimm’s Fairy Tales}

Hello my Beauties,

today is one of the most fantastic and magical days (and nights) of the year. It’s Halloween. And some of you are sure celebrating with family & friends, kids & neighbours. I would love to know a little about your costume, makeup look and hairstyle, if you’re doing all the dress up. 

For this special occasion i want you to meet Maria, aka Cat Eyes Red Lips
amriaI asked her to create a Halloween appropriate makeup look, that would still suit my Grimm’s Fairy Tales theme. (It can’t be nail art only, right?!)

She was incredibly quick with her decision and that is how “The old woman in the woods” came to life.

See for yourself and let me know if you tried it for Halloween.

Hello everyone, I am Amria, a makeup blogger at http://www.amriaa.wordpress.com and I have a different makeup tutorial for you all today!
I created this look for the Grimm’s Fairy Tales series that Luchessa is hosting, but I think it would also be a great Halloween look to try out.
My look is inspired by the tale “The old woman in the woods” and it is so simple, you won’t even believe it! If you want to dress up as an old witch or an old lady, like I did here, all you need is a brown liner pencil (I used my brow pencil), a white liner pencil and a thin brush for a little bit of fine blending, I didn’t have one so I just blended with a lipstick brush.
This is all contour and highlight, so we’ll draw on some wrinkles, highlight the skin between them, because that’s the part that gets hit by direct light, and blend them well so it all looks realistic.
In order to figure out where to place my wrinkles, I just frowned and made a lot of silly faces (I’m serious!) and then observed my expression lines. We all have them, like the ones that show around our mouth after we smile. What you need to do is line those lines with your brown pencil, and won’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect, we’ll blend them out later anyway!
This is the part that took me the most, a few minutes.
After drawing the lines, take the white pencil and reproduce the same lines, next to each other, or underneath the previous if they are horizontal.
Now blend the brown ones into the white.
And blend the white ones too.
Now our lines look faded, but no worries, you can redo the important ones later.
The mouth lines I found where more tricky. How I did mine: make a kissing face (kissing face, not a duck face haha) and line the gap lines you obtain! After that, just line with white between the brown and blend the white only.
You’re pretty much ready, you just need to line some wrinkles were needed, like the goose feet at the outer corner of your eyes, a few around the nose and ESPECIALLY the forehead.
I used the same white liner for my hair and brows, to get the old lady look!
I do hope you like it and give it a try! It was fun and easy, and I used only these two pencils and a brush, it was a great last-minute costume idea.
Have a lovely day and tune in for more Grimm’s Fairy Tales looks and manis 🙂
There you go ladies. What do you think about this look? Definitely not Amria’s usual makeup look, but i bet she had a lot of fun creating it. If you feel like looking for more glamorous looks, cat eyes and other different tips, visit Maria’s blog and chat with her on Twitter
Until next time – stay beautiful.