Heathy detox & Acrylic nail paint – Lifestyle edition

Hello my Beauties,

hope your weekend is going great, as well as the beginning of 2014. Oh that number – still so new, still so strange. 
What am i going to talk about today? Well, as my health has been better before, i’ve decided to think about detoxing & stress less this january, to bring my state of health back on track. I’m sure with all the excessive eating during december, we all kind of need that little detox. 
And i’m not talking about the medical side of the process, much rather the smart and self-aware type of eating.
I have never been someone to consume a lot of greasy fast food, chips or tons of candy, but during the holidays and all the dinner invitations, raclette and chocolate fountains, i might have gained sound unwanted body volume, that i’d like to loose the healthy way again. 

Here is my kind of breakfast that i’m going to variate throughout the month.
Let’s have a nice healthy start of the day:healthy breakfastI like to start my morning with a big cup of coffee and if not a fruit bowl, then a delicious oatmeal.
Instead of milk, to reduce calories and simply because i prefer it that way, i cook the oats with water and add the flavor i want that particular day to it.
If i’m not in the mood for sweet type of oats, i add some of the hard cheese & a tea-spoon cream cheese to the bowl.
Heathy breakfast 2As i always use fast cooking oats, it only takes about 4 minutes to be ready to serve.
This time i added raisins, cranberries and goji berries which are incredibly rich in antioxidants and have the same kind of chewy texture as raisins.

Healthy breakfast 3You can go ahead and experiment with the amount of liquids you add. It simply depends on what kind of oat texture you like best.
And there you go – you healthy breakfast is ready and your energy lasts for hours.

I have to admit, i haven’t had oats in about 10 years, before i randomly starting eating it last year again.
What about you, my Beauties – how do you prefer your oats or what’s your most favorite healthy breakfast of all times?

Another subject that i would love to talk about today, is my new acrylic paint that i got from Santa this Christmas. I have been admiring some of the most gorgeous designs, that my fellow bloggers have come up with and decided that it was time to get active myself. So – here is my new ProArt 12 piece set of acrylic colors to play with. Just basic fast drying colors made in Germany.
Acrylic paint paletteAs you can see, i have been experimenting a bit already. But from what i noticed, i’m going to need much better brushes, than the ones the set came with. (No worries, i have already purchased some nail art brushes for acrylic paint, they just need to arrive.)
acrylic paint colorThe base color for this design is the Maybelline nail polish in 09 Volcanic Red and the acrylic paint i use was in: Titanweiss (white), Zitronengelb (yellow) and Saftgruen (green).
I have to say i had a lot of fun trying to work with these colors. Of course i’m going to need quite a lot of practise to create better designs. So i’m open for your tips & suggestions.
Acrylic nailsWhat kind of brushes & techniques do you use to create your nail art? Do i need more that a one-stroke and a thin short brush to get a nice design on my nails? Share your secrets with me please!

That’s all for today. Come back soon for more lifestyle and beauty updates.

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