Holiday Card Swap Reveal

Hello my Beauties,

are you getting all excited for the holidays? I’m definitely in the mood for some celebration.
Do you actually remember, a little while ago i’ve invited you to take part in a fun handwritten holiday card swap? Well today is the day to reveal your cards. At the end of this post there is going to be a link up, where you can share your own post on your swap experience.

Holiday card swap reveal

I’ve got paired with the lovely Jill from File under J and we’ve been exchanging some nice emails to get to know each other a bit, since it’s all about new connections & friends, especially during the holiday season. Unfortunately the post offices seem to be way too busy to deliver the cards in time, so i’m still waiting for Jill’s card to arrive, which means that i’m going to show you two beautiful cards instead, that i’ve got from Helsinki and Washington.

farmers market xmas cardThis is watercolor art of Pike Place Market in Seattle, created by the artist Sarah Clementson. 
I love how captivating a painting can be and how expressive it actually looks made to a postcard. It was sent to me by my dear friend Irene, who i met many years ago through youtube and who became a pretty awesome pen pal over the past years. 

Roger la Borde design card

This gorgeous little guy was created by Christina Kölsch for Roger la Borde Design and reminds me quite a lot of the Three Nuts for Cinderella fairy tale somehow. The card was sent to me by a dear friend from Helsinki, who never stops to surprise me with her card picks. Sometimes witty, other times funny and cheerful.

Besides sharing these cards with you, i want to go ahead and answer the following 5 holiday related questions, that Dee from A Deecoded Life have asked you.

1) What are your best memories about the holidays?

What stuck the most with me since i was little, are the different baking scents, that always came from the kitchen. When i was old enough, i’d help my mom with the cake decoration. As far as i can think back, she was always baking and it tasted so delicious. The guests would often ask for her magic recipes, simply because they couldn’t get enough. Probably that’s why to these days i prefer baking, rather than cooking.
But then of course there was the big tree in the living room. Tall and sparkling with many colorful lights, glass balls, snowflakes and different animals, like snow bunnies and owls.

2) Do you have any family traditions you like to follow over the holiday season?

Mostly staying home, having the time to relax and pamper myself, cooking a lot of healthy & unhealthy festive dishes, baking like crazy, since it’s something i always do with my mom around New Years, maybe going to the Nutcracker Ballet, if i can get my hands on the tickets, which is often a mission impossible, but mainly just spending time with my mom and dad.

3) What’s the worst (weirdest) Christmas gift you’ve ever got?

The probably most unthoughtful gift i’ve got, was a milk frother. I know, nothing bad about it so far, but coming from a friend who actually knows exactly i’m not consuming any milk (not really allergic, but i’m just not responding too well to milk) it was quite surprising and weird.

4) What are your favourite holiday movies or books?

I have to admit, just before the holidays, as in now, i got sick with my “beloved bronchitis”, that hits me every year, so i had plenty of time to watch many Christmas movies. As my head was not at its right place, i’ve decided to go for the cheesy type of movies, so Hallmark channel was in order. I’ve seen a comment on their movies, that i think brings it to the point: “I love Hallmark’s holiday movies. I know they can be corny and you can always figure out the plot within 5 minutes, but they are sweet and fun. A great way to waste away an afternoon, especially is the weather is dreary.” Right?!

I watched Christmas Under Wraps, A Royal Christmas, Christmas in Boston, Eve’s Christmas and several more.
scroogedThe classics from me, that i have to see every year, are the ones based on Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickens: Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Scrooged with Bill Murray and the two corny ones – A Diva’s Christmas Carol with Vanessa Williams and A Carol Christmas with Tori Spelling (i know, it’s really bad!).

And then there’s Home Alone, right?! Do i need to say more?!

5) If you could ask Santa for any material present for this Christmas, what would it be?

I’d probably ask for a really good Canon camera, so i could improve my skills and be a better bloggers. But hey, a plane ticket to Mexico would be totally fine with me as well. I’m not that picky.

What would you answer, if asked these questions?

Happy Holidays my Beauties!

*January Update:
Jill’s holiday card did finally arrive and it was definitely worth waiting, because she made the effort to create a handmade card herself, including many pretty stars and details. Thanks a lot Jill, it’s a really pretty card.
handmade holiday card