Holiday Mood and A Night to Remember

Hello my Beauties,

are you slowly getting into the holiday mood? I mean sure, it’s still mid-november and quite warm for the season, but the stores obviously are all getting ready for the Christmas action and i’ve even seen a few decorated trees already. Tell me, how am i suppose not to get into that mood by seeing all of that?!

As Europe obviously doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s not being considered bad luck to put the tree up earlier. Still funny to think about that, since in the old times & traditions the Christmas tree was not set up until Christmas Eve and was all gone and taken down on the 5th of January after Three Kings Day.
But after the manufactories started producing fake trees, people stopped caring about the dates somehow.

If i’m honest, i can’t wait until the Christmas Markets open here in Germany, which is going to be on the 25th of November this year. We have a lot of them each year in the city.
Some are bigger and you have to pay to get in, but you get the whole package with Music and even “fake snow”, if it’s not really snowing yet (cheesy – i know).
Other markets are just right outside of a main train station, where there’s many people coming and going. Two years ago i filmed a minute long video Little Winter Dream, that’s quite silly, but you get the picture of the small Christmas Market.
Winter Dream Christmas Market
I like the atmosphere, the smell of hot chocolate, crepe, baked apples, candied almonds and other type of nuts – or even to make the candied nuts at home.
For example here is a really nice & easy recipe that i’ve found some time ago over on Chocolate and Zucchini. The lovely Clotilde tells you how to make {Easy Candied Almonds and Hazelnuts}
(Say hi to Clotilde on Twitter, she has a lot of wonderful recipes and tips for you for the holiday season.)

I also enjoy going to one specific ornaments store, well-known under the name of Käthe Wohlfahrt – market leader in the area of traditional German Christmas items and these days a definite tourist attraction. As their ornaments aren’t the cheapest, i tend to buy only one each year, hoping that in a few decades my collection is going to look quite well.
Käthe Wohlfahrt ornaments

Coming back to the stores and the great holiday limited editions. We all know that the big named brands are coming out with amazing collections for the holiday season, as well as their famous sets that everyone in the beauty community is trying to get their hands on.

What i like about the drugstore section, is that they aren’t holding back either. As a fan of the german brand P2 Cosmetics, that i already been telling you about on my blog, i noticed a really beautiful upcoming collection, that i wanted to share with you. It’s the “A Night to Remember”.
And these are my personal highlights:
p2 LE A Night To RememberWhat a great idea to finish off your festive look with these fine golden dust. Works well on your face, cleavage or even hair. And of course it would make a great item on your vanity.
p2 LE A Night To RememberExtraordinary glowing colors with supposedly good color payoff. I’m really curious about these babies here. Isn’t the packaging most adorable?
p2 LE A Night To RememberThe paper lashes have been huge in trend this year and many different brands brought their own to the market. These pretty ones are definitely going to be an eye candy for any eye look that you might want to create for the holidays.
Great job P2. I’m very happy to see you’re trying new things and getting better and better each year. 

What are you guys most excited about? Have you spotted any interesting limited editions for the holidays yet? Stay tuned – there might be a giveaway coming up with some of the mentioned goodies here.

As you can tell, i’m totally ready for the season!