Holly Jolly Holiday Tag!

Hello my Beauties,

remember how much you love {confessions of a blogger} type of posts? Well here we go:
I got tagged by my friend Holly from Miss Holly Berries with the {Holly Jolly Holiday Tag} – how suiting, don’t you find? 
What’s the confession here, you’re going to ask?! – well, i got tagged last year. I know. I know! 
Sorry Holly it took me so long to finally get this post done. And how did i even remember? Today i got tagged with the Christmas Tag by Laura from Pink Frenzy, but as i already did a very similar one in 2012 (see here), i’ve decided to go back and get the unfinished business done.

So finally: Here is the very {Holly Jolly Holiday Tag} for you.
Holly Jolly Holiday Tag1. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait until the last-minute?
As we don’t have such thing as Black Friday here in Europe, i can only say i start making my shopping  lists (yes, there is such thing as a “naughty or nice list”) quite early, so i can get everything i need right at the beginning of december. I’m definitely not a last-minute shopping. Besides, if you happened to forget something, you can always order it online. I’m not going into the insanely full stores right before Christmas.

2. If you could be in any Christmas movie what would it be? (Loving this question btw)
I’d say – The Holiday starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Simply because i love the idea of english villages in the countryside during the holiday. It has just something so romantic to it. 

3. Which do you like better: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
I found the anticipation always better, so i will go with Christmas Eve. Besides that’s what being actually celebrated here in Germany. 

4. When does your family put up your Christmas tree and who decorates it?
It happened around mid-december closer to the 20th and we keep it up until after the New Years. Some year we only put a few pine branches into different flower vases and decorate them with small ornaments, which looks nice as well.
Holly Jolly Holiday Tag Luchessa5. White lights or colored lights?
Can’t tell for sure, as it changes every year.

6. Are you guilty of peeking at your presents or do you like the surprise?
I would never peek and ruin the surprise moment.

7. Would you rather live in a gingerbread house or in Santa’s Workshop?
Are you kidding me? Santa’s Workshop of course! That’s where all the magic is happening.

8. Tell us your Christmas Eve traditions!
A lot of cooking, baking & eating, fun story telling which usually include something from my childhood. We also love watching Home alone. 

9. If you could be under the mistletoe with anyone who would it be?
Haven’t actually seen any mistletoe for real, but if i would, could i pick Mario Lopez? 

10. What tops your tree?
It has been a star for a few years and now it’s the cone thing that you can see in the picture above.

11. Can you name the 12 days of Christmas?
No, because i know it only as a song from typical american Christmas movies. 

12. Have you ever gone Christmas caroling?
No, but when i was a kid, my family used to sing quite a lot during the holidays. There is also a big russian tradition to sing over the New Years as well, so i remember my mom teaching me some children’s songs back in the days. (Yes i was born in Russia for those who didn’t know. You can read this post About me, if you like to catch up.)

13. Do you countdown to Christmas? If so, how many days are left?
I can get pretty excited. Christmas is only 1,5 day’s away. But i also can’t wait for the New Years – just because i love it so much as well. I’ve mentioned it in my Christmas tag above actually.

14. What are some foods and treats you can count on having every holiday season?
I love {rogaliki} during this time of the year. It’s a russian baked treat, which is also known as rožok in Slovak & kifli in Hungarian. It’s made by cutting sheets of soft yeast dough into triangular wedges, and rolling up those wedges to form a crescent shape which is then baked. The filling is always up to you. But in my family we prepare a mix of a berries jam and walnuts. It’s a delicious treat and i love it since my childhood.
Here is a great recipe i found on Natasha’s Kitchen. (Picture belongs to that same blog.)
rogaliki-rugelach-tall15. How has Christmas kept its magic for you as you’ve grown older?
It’s actually all in your hands. I found that caring about others and trying to make friends & family feel good during this season, makes me happy as well. This year i’ve tried to write as many holiday cards as possible, while i was listening to Christmas songs from Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey and other artists, eating Dominosteine, which is a gingerbread kind with a layer of sour cherry or apricot jelly, a layer of either marzipan or persipan, covered with a thin icing of dark chocolate.

But i also love going to the Christmas Markets. I think only in my town we have over 30 of them, so there is something for every taste. That is a simple trick to bring me into the holiday mood.
xmas funThis was the Holly Jolly Holiday Tag, my Beauties.

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That’s all for today. Happy Holidays everyone!