{How to avoid air bubbles in your nail polish}

Hello my Beauties,

we all know those moments, when we barely can wait to rush home and try our newly bought nail polish in the most wonderful color of the season.
Then we finally sit down, remove all the left over from the last manicure, file and buff and start applying the new polish. 
After all is done and we wait for the result to appear in full bloom – that’s where the nasty air bubbles come through. 
How could that happen? I just bought this polish…

Main question now is: How to avoid air bubbles in our nail polish?!
It doesn’t happen to me too often, but when it does i find it really annoying. 

Usually there are different reasons for air bubbles:
1) The nail polish you used is too thick. 
2) You applied 2 very thick coats and were rushing between them.
3) The nail polish you used is too old. 
4) You were shaking the bottle before applying the polish.
5) You kept the polish in your fridge, which modified the texture & consistency of it.
6) It is a super hot day (+ the heat of your body) can produce bubbles on the nails. 
(Like in my case, it was a very sunny +31°C day) Direct sun light & heat do affect the drying time.)
7) Your polish came without a metal bead inside and is more likely to thicken, than the ones with a bead.
say no to air bubbles

From what i learned from professionals and my own experience, i would suggest the following:

1) Always wash your hands properly after removing your old manicure using a nail polish remover. You don’t want the rest of the acetone stay on your nails. After using a base coat always wait for it to really dry completely.

2) If you find your polish too thick, use a good nail polish thinner. You will only need a few drops.
I’m sure every drugstore has their own thinner, but you can also find the Nail Lacquer Thinner by KIKOFluid-e Nail Polish Thinner by Essie or Seche Restore Thinner.

3) Try to take as much polish on the brush as you need to apply three thin stripes on the nail. It’s going to dry much quicker if it’s a thin coat. Wait until it’s completely dry before applying a second coat – if needed.
Some polishes are simply a one-coater, so maybe you’re better off with those. 

4) If a thinner doesn’t work and your polish still looks clumpy, it’s probably time to get a new bottle (in case that’s a color you can’t live without). Don’t forget that nail polishes have also an expiration date!

The manufacturer usually determine the appropriate expiration date and often say that a properly stored polishes will last at least 18 months, possibly 24 depending on storage conditions. But seriously, who has an unopened polish standing there for almost 2 years? So i would suggest to throw a 2/3 used bottle and get a new one.

5) Avoid shaking your nail polish. That is how the most bubbles being created. Instead try carefully rolling it on the table, floor or simply between your hands.

6) I don’t recommend storing your polishes in the fridge. The texture gets hard and because of the temperature difference the consistency of it won’t be the same. Just keep your collection out of the direct sun, in a closed drawer or box (even if it looks less pretty than on an open shelf i admit).

7) You know those little metal beads, that most polishes have inside the bottle? It really helps to stir it up gently before applying. So getting a few extra beads to have them handy at home, would probably be a good idea. You can see here what i’m talking about: Nail Polish Mixing Balls.

How did i come up with this post? Well the answer is very easy: Ones again I did it wrong myself, while trying to be creative on a very hot summer day. I even tried to come up with a cute & fun nail design and right when i thought it turned out quite nicely – those bubbles came through…
You can see for yourself. (Sorry for the crazy bubbles alarm on my nails! Especially on the middle finger!)
nail polish bubbles Please do me a favor and learn from my mistake.

I applied 2 coats of the anti split nail sealer by Essence studio nails as my base coat – that was definitely an error.
It’s texture is already a much ticker one, than the regular base coat and obviously both coats haven’t dried properly when i started using my coral nail polish.
I guess that’s was caused the air bubbles…

Hope my sad example & the how to do it better next time helped some of you. 
Happy nail painting, my Beauties!