How to handle Beauty Cravings

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Today i’d love to talk about Beauty Cravings with you. What is it and why do we get them? How to actually treat yourself with the right things?
From my perspective, being a beauty blogger and also a constant reader of those blogs, it doesn’t really help with the beauty cravings. You’re surrounded with the latest cosmetic items, new formulas, pretty packaging & the promises to make your life better and easier.

When we strip down the cover of it all, we’re left with two basic decisions:
1) I want it all – it’s so sparkly, i need to buy it now.
2) Ok, i can wait for something better to come, i already have a similar beauty item.

But how often have you actually decided not to listen to you inner voice and splurge anyway?
I’m not suggesting to be on a spending ban all year around, but with the holiday season being so close, i’d like to take a moment and find the right way to spend my hard earned money on few pretty things, that aren’t just going to be gorgeously packaged, but will serve me in a good way throughout the year.
How to handle Beauty Cravings

What’s important, when it comes to {gifts to yourself}, as i like to call them?!
1) How practical are they in terms of usage, size & longevity and quality of course.
2) How badly do i really need this product? Is there anything i would want more than that?

Around the Holidays i like to treat myself to the little big things like a luxury beauty box, as there are several on the market, or a set of different items, such as the Sephora Holiday Gift Sets, where you get to try a whole bunch of products for a decent price. But also a mini travel size brush sets are something i’m definitely looking at each year, as i find it to be extremely important to have a good combination of brushes for when you’re on a trip. Somehow i always find my travel brushes to be less good, as the onew i use on a daily basis at home and I really don’t want to look less “polished”, when i’m traveling. What about you?

Shall we look at a few examples, when it might be worth to splurge a little and have a whole lot of quality products for the next 365 days?

As i just mentioned, something like the bareMinerals Mini Marvels kit could be really great to get for your next Wanderlust adventure.
bareMinerals Mini Marvels kitThe kit comes in a pretty sleek red brush case and contains 4 of the most essential brushes in a travel size, which fit perfectly into your purse. You get to contour, buff and blend your way to your most gorgeous face, using the synthetic hair Application Face Brush, Blush Brush, Line Diffuser Brush and a Crease Brush. That way you have the most important tools in one kit and are ready for your next trip. 
Guess who’s keeping an eye on this kit this year?!

Another set i have a strong feeling, i’m going to be purchasing it this winter, is the Caudalie – Divine Indulgence Set. I’ve read several reviews on that oil, saying that it miraculously cleared the skin and reduced the breakouts, as well as just being a great supplement to your skin care routine. 
CAUDALIE DIVINE INDULGENCE SETI have use several Caudalie face products before and have always been quite satisfied. Especially their Vinosource line made an impression on me.

So would i get this particular set? First of all, the main bottle contains a good amount of 50ml and because you don’t really need a lot of the product for one use, it lasts for quite some time. Besides that, you get a free 15ml bottle to take on your travels or simply use it as your main bottle, by refilling it from the 50ml one.
Another good reason is, that it’s a multi-purpose beauty product. You can use the oil for massages, on your hair and nails, pour it even into your bath, since it’s a blend of grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils, it’s going to leave your skin incredibly soft & swooth.

I have to admit – i love multi-purpose products in general, because my thought is – If the product is that great for my skin, it can’t be bad for my hair. Do you know what i mean?

Another set, that i’d want to splurge on would probably be NARS Cosmetics Modern Future Set. I don’t own much by the brand NARS, but the products i’ve tried were really wonderful. My favorite product so far has been an all-in-one, cream-to-powder, multi-purpose makeup stick in “orgasm”. (See, there is the multi-purpose product again). 
NARS COSMETICS MODERN FUTURE SETHow do i know about this set? Last month Karen from makeupandbeautyblog did a full show & review on these three products. And it so happens, that i’m actually looking to find a few several products, that i could match all year around.
Sure – it’s the holiday season. But who said, i had to wear only deep red and burgundy colors in december? I’d like to have something bolder, than my usual peachy pinks, but still wearable for my daily life. The Roman Holiday Lipstick & Blush immediately seemed like a great idea to me, when i saw the swatches on Karen’s blog. Obviously she has a darker complexion than me, so these colors would definitely appear much brighter on my pale skin.
And don’t even let me start on the nail polish. It’s gorgeous! 
So here you get a whole set of color matching quality products, that aren’t just appropriate for the holidays.

Last but not least (you know, i can’t be silent about nail polish) would be a brand, that i’m weaseling around for quite some time now. It’d Deborah Lippmann and her Holiday 2014 collection. Especially here i’m talking about Dream Weaver: a duo-chrome nail polish, that shifts from green to blue to purple.
DEBORAH LIPPMANN DREAM WEAVER nail polishWhy would i buy this nail polish? Again – it’s not a particularly holiday inspired shade in my opinion. You get a 15ml bottle, which is quite a lot of product. And if you follow my blog for quite some time now, you might know how much i personally love purples, blues & blurples in general and this metallic blue grey hue is just so my taste.
Admit it – it’s a really pretty color! And what can i say, nail polish is just my Achilles heel. 

To sum it up, i can only recommend to splurge on multi-functional products, that you can use as much at home, as also on your travels. Pick colors & textures that aren’t going to be out of style in 2-3 months and try to avoid impulsive buys in general. Sleep over it a night or two and if you still want the item next week – go for it then. 

Last personal trick i will share with you: When i surf through a beauty shop, i tend to put everything i’d be interested in to my card and narrow it down in the end, before i hit the “purchase button”. That way i end up buying only one or two items, instead of all 15 that i liked previously.

Do you have the same habit?
How do you handle your beauty cravings?

Until next time – stay beautiful! 


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