How to Sheet Mask

Hello my Beauties,

today we are going to start from scratch. Do you remember how I said in my Blog Update that I’m completely and thoroughly into sheet masking at the moment?

That is why I’ve decided to tell those of you, who are new to this term what it actually means and how it’s being done. Are you ready for some funny scary but hopefully still useful pictures? Let’s do it!

Individually packaged Innisfree Kiwi Sheet Mask

Sheet masks, as the name probably suggests, is a type of fabric soaked in a specific kind of essence, that deeply penetrates the skin and according to the claims either hydrates, smoothes, brightens or even clears the face.

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Kiwi Ingredients

Originally the sheet mask trend came to us from Korea, but also Japan and Taiwan should be names here, since the masks are a common part of the beauty routine there as well. Have you actually ever wondered how for example the Korean women stay as youthful as they do for a really long time? My guess – sheet masks aren’t playing the last role there.

Innisfree triple layered cotton sheet mask filled with kiwi extract

Types of masks:
The most common sheets come in fiber, cotton, hydrogel and cellulose form.
They vary from cheap and thick material, whose ability to deliver actual serum into the skin is quite week, to the more expensive thin all-natural materials like cellulose, that allows a great absorption.

More often the masks come individually packaged as a 1 piece (gels are often a 2 piece mask, which makes it super easy to apply). For a complete confusion though, I’ll tell you that there are also dry sheet masks and mud masks available, that you have to activate in the pouch first before using. But as they aren’t as common yet, we will concentrate on the first types today.

Innisfree Kiwi Sheet Mask unfolded – does it remind you of a duck?

How does the application work?
Remember to cleanse the face with your favorite product, before handling a sheet mask. You don’t want all the dirt to sink into your skin together with the essence.

I will demostrate the application of the triple layered cotton sheet to you.
Carefully spread the mask, as you really don’t want to rip it. And now it’s where the fun begins.

Innisfree sheet mask application

Everyone applies the sheet in a different manner and I’ve got to admit, the first times I tried, it looked horrible. Simply bemusing. There was that wrinkly 100 years old lady that was staring back at me in the mirror.
Don’t get discouraged! After a few times you’ll manage it! I promise.

Innisfree Sheet Mask Application Chin Area – do I look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean?

You’ll probably notice, that even after the mask goes on your forehead and the eye area, which is usually the easiest step for me, the nose and chin part is where it get’s a little difficult. You will have to pull the sides a little bit and make use of those side cuts, which most sheets provide to adjust the mask on your face.

Innisfree Sheet Mask Kiwi

After it is set and done you can just lean back or even lay down and enjoy your little home spa for as long as the directions tell you. Usually it’s between 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the type of mask. This time it was a 20 minutes mask for me, which I truly enjoyed.

So what the benefits of sheet masking, you’ll ask?
The serum which the masks are usually coming in are packed with vitamins and nutrients, so while wearing the mask, it prevents the water evaporation and gives your skin the chance to really soak in the nourishing ingredients. Besides, putting a sheet mask on is a cheaper option compared to an actual spa. So as you can see, it’s quick easy and very convenient.

If you happen to know what kind of ingredients you tend to be allergic to, keep in mind to carefully check the back of the packaging, before applying the sheet. If you feel a weird tingling from the mask, please don’t wait the 20 minutes and take the sheet off immediately.

Are sheet masks expensive?
The price depends on the quality of the sheet and the intensity of the essence. If you want a quick moisturization for about 10 minutes, there are plenty of inexpensive choices ($1-$2) out there. But if the purpose is more to smooth and nourish your skin, you’ll probably want to get sheets starting from $6 and up. As with most things, sky is the limit when it comes to expensive products.

The Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Kiwi that I demostrated here, usually goes for under $3 a piece, but I got mine in a 15 pcs pack as a deal that one of my favorite Korean online stores Cosmetic Love had, which made each sheet cost around $1,47!

Another site I have been purchasing for years now from is Beautynetkorea. I can definitely recommend these two shops, that ship worldwide to you without any bad conscience. Both have great deal offers all the time, so check them out.

Happy afterglow – no makeup face!

All you left to do is to try one of the convenient masks and enjoy your glowy skin afterwards.

This particular mask was so wonderful, I can’t even explain. It was really comfortable to wear, didn’t give me any rashes, made my face super smooth, soft and glowy.

Its main ingredients are kiwi, grapefruit, orchid & camellia extracts.
It is definitely in my top 3 Innisfree mask so far. I’d also recommend the Manuka Honey and the Shea Butter from the same line.

Here’s a funny one for Y’all!

Ps: I asked my fellow Instagram skin care bloggers about their smooth sheet mask application and here’s what they said:

frances.love_ : “I find sheet masks with many slits are the easiest to apply. Normally I start off with the eye holes and make sure they’re at the best position. Last I try to smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible.”

yumsylee: “For me the easiest to apply are hydrogels. For sheet masks, microfibers are the best. Very soft, smooth and pliable. Situate the mask around the eyes and apply. Smoothen the forehead. Brush the brows if necessary. Stretch the mask sideways and do the mouth and chin. The size, shape and material of mask are still the factors to consider.”

beautimel: ” Eyes, forehead, and work my way down and to the ends of the sheet mask. It also really depends on the material of the mask. If the mask is thinner, it is easier to smooth it out for me.”

my.seoul.sister: “I usually apply mine when I’m lying down! I find it easier for me.”

mybeautyjars: “Stop fighting the sheet mask. I see people treat it like this puzzle. It’s wet cloth/paper. It unfolds easily with no pressure. Applications: hold it at the top edges ( temple area) apply to forehead first then apply to other parts of face.”

boxnip: “I always start with the eyes & forehead then move down, smoothing out to cheeks & outer areas. Honestly, with that method, I never have any issues applying it. Sometimes if a mask has close together eye holes, then I might have to snip the edges to get them to sit properly but that doesn’t happen to often. I have a large round face lol So I rarely have excess material that wrinkles.”

melissajoychi: “I start with my eyes and work my way down! Pulling on the sides a bit helps the holes stay open, too. Then I smooth!”

paintedladybeauty: “I usually start at the top of my forehead and fold any excess that I see and move downward. Then I just keep smoothing it until it is even.”

moyendevivre: “Hydrogel and thinner masks have always great fit!”

pimplepatchprincess: ” I start with my forehead and loosely put the sheet mask everywhere else. Then I just adjust it to my face. Sometimes I need to stretch it over my cheeks and then go back and smooth out other area. I try to make the mask as tight as possible too.”

maskepedia: “I start by aligning the eyes holes to my eyes then nose then mouth. Then smooth out the cheek areas and lastly forehead.”

I guess you get the picture. And as these ladies have been into sheet masking for way longer that me, I’d strongly suggest to visit their Instagram accounts and find out what else they do to stay beautiful.

I hope this was useful and a little bit entertaining to you. Let me know how your experience with sheet mask has been up until now. Did you get curious about that type of skin care?

Please share your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading and until next time – stay beautiful!