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Hello my Beauties,

are you still on board for the Blogtober challenge? 
Don’t think, that i’m not, just because i skipped yesterdays prompt. (I still blogged on another topic though.)
We needed to talk about our best or worst Halloween memory, but that holiday isn’t really being celebrated in Germany so much, i simply have no memories of it al all. 
The only “costume” i got is a black mask, that looks something like that, but way less fancy.

halloween maskSo now on to today’s prompt for Day 10: I never thought blogging would…

When i first started my blogging journey, i had no idea how dear & eye-opening in different ways it would become for me. I didn’t know, what to expect, since i had never done something like publically blogging before. I came to realize pretty quickly, that the blogging community is refreshingly honest, big-hearted and helping when needed.
I never thought blogging would...I never thought blogging would...banner

Helene in Between Blogtober
I heard many youtubers complain about trolls & negativity on their channels. But i almost never come across the same things in the blogosphere. In my opinion, people who take time to sit down and really scroll through blog posts, read them & comment, usually don’t have time to spread around their bad mood & insecurities. 

So it’s great to know, that there are so many talented, smart and really creative fellow bloggers out there.

One of them i had the pleasure to meet already. Say Hi to Caroline from Style on the Side. She is a witty Canadian style blogger, who recently moved to Europe and you probably heard me raving about her before.
So when we had the chance to meet, it was incredibly fun. I think i even learned something from that experience and all of our blog talk.
bloggers meet up

I love finding out that the personality someone has, totally shines through the blog. From previous comments and conversations we had, i knew it would be totally comfortable and relaxed to meet Caroline in person.

We had a lot of great beauty, travel and style talks, different delicious meals, sightseeing, even some dress up – because, why not?! And oh my goodness – do you remember that box of chocolate? I had posted it on my Instagram as soon as i got it. Believe me, that chocolate is long gone by now.

Btw: Caroline recently wrote a useful post on {Must Have Accessories For Fall} and you know how much i like accessories, so i really recommend to have a look at her blog!
Bloggers meet up 2

So yes, I never thought blogging would let me make great new friends. 

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