Interview with a First Time Author & A Three Night Stand

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Today i’m very happy be to interviewing Cina Bard, the co-author of Three-Night-Stand.
First time author Cina Bard
When i was getting ready for the interview, i tried to come up with questions, that would be interesting to many different kind of reader groups, as my blog is being visited by people who are into beauty, traveling, lifestyle and motivation. I assume, most of you are female and enjoy reading romantic comedy type of literature from time to time.

So I found a few really great author questions over at lawrencewray, Author of ‘The Briefcase’, ‘Money Man’ and ‘A Five Star Experience of a Lifetime and added some that were interesting to me personally as well.
Hope you like to get to know this first time author as much as I did. 

Hi Cina, thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

Hi Luchessa, thank you very much for inviting me to it.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

A: I was born in Berlin and studied German and Spanish as well as Latin American Studies. At the moment I try to find more time to work on my writing, so hopefully one day it will replace my other jobs.

Q: What made you decide to start writing? When did you discover your passion for words?

A: I think it happened at quite an early age and the idea to make more out of simple, boring texts back in elementary school actually came from my mother. My first more serious stuff was created around the age of fifteen and it was both original and something I did not even know had already been defined by a term back then: fan fiction. After that I discovered some ace RPG-boards. It was both weird and great to suddenly present my written words to a bigger audience than just me and my PC and I doubt that without that I ever would have taken the next step, to actually publish something in order to earn money with it.

Q: Which writers inspire you?
Stephanie Plum Series Janet Evanovich(Source: thephantomparagrapher)

A: Oh, that is a hard one. If I mention Janet Evanovich with her awesome Stephanie Plum series now it does not necessarily mean, that she is my number one author – simply because there are so many.  I love the classics as well as pretty much every genre – but no, my writing has not really been influenced by a certain author.

Q: Why did you collaborate with another author?

A: Ina Linger and I have started to write stories together about twenty years ago. We just click and then I have to admit I would not have dared publishing anything myself had Ina not talked me into trying it with a romantic comedy that had already gathered some attention on various writers platforms on the internet.

Q: What genre is your book?

A: Romantic Comedy. 

Q: Where do your ideas come from? Is it personal experience or pure and creative fantasy?

A: A mixture of both I would say. Sometimes you can take a real life situation and just include it one-to-one into your storyline and sometimes you might just take small parts of it – or invent something totally different.

Q: What makes you get into the writing mood? Are there any rituals that you follow to make your writing experience more efficient? Like candles, background music, hot chocolate and snacks?

A: Candles sound a lot romantic, but the light would totally kill your eyes after a while, so I am afraid it is your regular lamp. 😉 But music, definitely, depending on what I write – that does not necessarily mean that a dramatic track underlines working on an equally dramatic scene though. I think I mostly use music to inspire me by more or less completely imagining scenes I write down afterwards. 

I love my plate of cookies, but unfortunately they always crumble and try to invade my keyboard.

Q: You have co-written and self-published the book Three-Night-Stand. What is it about?
Three Night Stand Cina Bard
A: About a former one night stand that unexpectedly turns into way more since both ‘participants’ find out they will have to work together closely over a longer period.

Q: Give us a little insight look into your main characters.

A: Lisa is a German authoress whose books have been made into a movie she did not like at all. So as for the next one she makes sure she will keep all the rights and be included in every possible decision. Nick is the screenwriter that has to work with her. They both had their fill on relationships and do not plan on starting anything serious, especially not with the other one.

Q: What is your favorite motivational phrase from Three-Night-Stand? Is there a learning aspect to that phrase?

A: I really tried to decide for one sentence, but I could not choose a single one It is the entire novel and yes, it does have a meaning: go for your dreams, fight for your rights and don’t let people get you down. It might sound a little clichéd, but sometimes you just got to remind yourself of those things.

Q: Do you have a strategy for finding reviewers and what are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

A: You mean aside from hoping that everyone who reads it will sit down and leave us a few lines? Kidding. That is one of the extras you have to do when you are a self-publisher,: all the advertisement is basically on you, so you try to find lovely book bloggers who are interested in new works and willing to review those.
Any criticism is welcome, as long as it is constructive. Of course you wish for good reviews, but also the less positive ones can help a lot – if they are based on a logic and not the simple wish to diss.

Q: In what formats can people actually get your book and what audience is it most suitable for?

A: It is available as an ebook / epub in German and English language.

Q: Are you currently working on new book projects? Tell us about it.

A: Yes, there will be another co-production with Ina Linger. So far the working title is ‘Fuel to the Fire’ and it will be an Urban Fantasy Novel. Aside from that there will be some new romantic comedies, including a sequel to ‘Three Night Stand’, this time more focusing on Liam and Karen, Lisa’s and Nick’s best friends. Any news about those as well as reading excerpts can be checked out on our respective websites as soon as they are available.

Q: Anything that you’ve learned from the experience of writing Three-Night-Stand? Any tips on what to do and what can be done better?

A: Risking to sound trite: I learned to just go for a dream and not give up (and listen to your friend that tells you it will work! Cheers a lot, Ina!) This is the time for aspiring writers. About ten years ago it was a lot harder and even more expensive to publish a book. But you got to look thoroughly where to publish and one should never underestimate the work aside from writing a book (proof reading, layout, advertisement in the widest sense etc.)

Q: How can readers find more about you as an author as well as the book? And is there anything else that you would like to add?

A: It is a fun thing. It is making your hobby your (so far part-) time job and I am grateful for the possibility to try to see if it works. 

Paperback English: Three Night Stand: Love is simple

Ebook English: Three-Night-Stand – Love is simple [Kindle Edition]

Softcover Deutsch: Three-Night-Stand: Liebe ist simpel [Taschenbuch]

Ebook Deutsch: Three-Night-Stand – Liebe ist simpel [Kindle Edition]

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