Interview with the Art Director at El Corazon

Hello my Beauties,

today i’m really excited about the following post and am officially opening the month of El Corazon on my blog!

I do exactly remember how I came across this indie brand called El Corazon.
It was a dear blogging friend of mine Polish Alcoholic, who recommended last year the most beautiful purple nail polish in “magic attraction” to me, by a brand I didn’t know before.

el-corazon-magic-bottles                                                                                   source

It was El Corazon. That’s basically how my passion for it began.

Since I’d love to establish a mini series of creative interviews on my blog, I’ve decided to ask the art director Luidmila for a little chat. She kindly agreed to that.  So I really hope you’ll enjoy the read.

 Interview with the Art Director at El Corazon

Dear Luidmila,

Thanks a lot for finding the time for the interview.
Your extraordinary nail polishes have already become somewhat iconic among the indie circles, polish maniacs, bloggers and simply nail polish lovers.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about how the idea of creating the brand came to you and why you actually picked “El Corazon” as the name? Maybe you’ve been a fan of all things Spanish, since El Corazon comes from that language & means “heart”?!

Luidmila: I’ve found the word “El Corazon” in my sister’s doctoral thesis and even if it actually means “heart”, as far as I know it’s being used to express anything pretty, sweet and cute. I so fell for this word that I’ve decided to run it through the business licensing service and lucky for me, it wasn’t registered yet. And now the brand El Corazon exists for almost 17 years.

Q: When did you know that creating beauty for the nails is your calling? Was it something that came from your teens?

Luidmila: I’m taking a great interest in psychoanalysis, analytics, business statistics and different kind of analysis. So I’m observing myself, trying to understand how this passion came into my life. But if I’m honest, I haven’t found out yet why I’m so keen on making nail polishes.
The inspiration came when I got to know all the different bloggers and nail polish maniacs out there, which turned into a boom and a high interest in our brand and our polishes. The truth is – that’s what makes me enthusiastic about my work.

matte eyeshadow el corazon                                                                                      source

Q: Was it the brands intention from the beginning to produce not only nail polishes, but also decorative cosmetics, like the professional eyeshadow super holographic-3D or the compact powders, liners and lip glosses?

Luidmila: Your question does surprise me a bit. I guess living in Europe (and many other parts of the world) it all seems natural and easy. But then again, keep in mind that for example after the World War II Germany didn’t have any manufacturing and any of the the building process and brand development was growing slowly. The actual branding concept appeared just in the late 19th century and in the middle of the 20th century we got the actual nail polish, the way we know it today.

A big variety of formulations actually didn’t exist until the late 20th century, so the manufacturing of pearl and other effects are being actively created for only about 15 years.

Back in the 1988 when the brand El Corazon was founded, it was pretty hard to manufacture anything in Russia. There were big misconceptions, myths and silliness about Russians in general, as well as about the country itself, but step by step we’ve found great chemical concerns in Europe & other parts of the world. Some of them even found us and little by little El Corazon has started to grow and develop. So it was the logistic concept that set the rules here and that’s why we had the decorative cosmetics on the market first and much later we’ve created the nail polishes.

Q: Where do you draw your ideas and inspiration from for your new projects and how do you decide which collection is going to be born first? I bet you get multiple ideas at the same time, so it must be hard to choose!

Luidmila: You’re totally right. Mostly I have many different concepts and ideas at the same time, but the decision about the new collection is always being made based on the availability of the raw materials in Russia, eventual financial crises, the rise or fall of the US Dollar & Euro…

The more I talk to polish maniacs and nail bloggers, the more often I decide to go for rather exceptional and expensive products, simply because – and that’s a typical Russian expression – their advice makes me “spread my wings”.

owl by el corazon                                                                               source

Q: Lately you started to draw again and share your pictures on social media such as Instagram. Personally I really like your owls – they look so pretty and wise. Are these rediscovered skills of yours going to be expressed in any of the El Corazon productions by any chance?

Luidmila: It might be possible, even though the drawings don’t have anything to do with the upcoming projects, but thanks to them a whole new period of life has started for me. I haven’t been drawing for the past 20 years…

And again, the bloggers who support me with their comments and a little admiration make me think about a possible project where I can use the pictures I make.

It was a pleasant surprise when someone bought one of my drawings and printed it on fabric. Recently I had a meeting with a clothing company, that wants to purchase my drawings for their manufacture and create clothing. Events like this definitely inspire me a lot.

el-corazon-423-507-nymph                                                                                    sourse

Q: At  the moment El Corazon produces many different kind of nail polish lines, such as “Confetti”, “Express Effect”, “Hologram” and “Magic Shine”, which is by the way one of my personal favorites. You’ve also developed a nail growing and strengthening line, which is indispensable, since first and foremost we need to have happy and healthy nails, before we even start painting them.
What can you tell us about this particular line? What would you suggest to anyone with easily breakable nails?

Luidmila: My actual profession is plant biologist or better to say biochemist and plant physiologist – a scientist. I studied in the Lomonosov Moscow State University and somehow i miss the scientific work, so we decided to open our own lab. Meanwhile I study different book on vulnerary plants and herbs.

All the nail strengthening products I do test on myself, since I do have really thin and brittle nails. That is why I personally created two of our most successful products – Nr.418 Iron Hard El Corazon and Nr.423 Active Biogel El Corazon.
These are most definitely products that will suit every girl, by making her nails harder and something to be proud of. By using these strengthening products you’ll lose any signs and symptoms of brittle nails.  

Q: A few times I came across this kind of comments on English and American blogs:

I almost don’t know anything about the brand El Corazon, but i’ve seen many swatches of their polishes on Russian nail blogs before – these girls know how to put their well-manicured nails into the right spot light to make the outcome unbelievably delicious and pretty – the quality of these polishes is incredible and I like the unusual bottle shape. But what I don’t understand is what “active bio-gel” means. 

Luidmila, could you please explain what the meaning behind the expression “active bio-gel” is?

Luidmila: In continuation of my last comment I can tell you a secret – there are active herbal extracts, that I hand-picked myself as a plant biologist, which are in fact strengthening your nails. That’s where the first part – active bio – is coming from and the second part – gel – comes simply from an upgraded modern formula, similar to the one used in gel nails, but with no need for a UV lamp. Thanks to this specific formula your polish can stay on for about 7 days and with our top coat Nr.434 even up to 14 days.

Q: I know for fact that you’re spending a lot of time talking to bloggers on Instagram and your own blog NailPolishManiak. What exactly do you get from this type of communication? Do you listen to blogger’s opinion when it comes to new collections?

Luidmila: While talking to bloggers I can completely relax – I’m a chatty patty myself. I also like to ask for advice those who I trust and value, because those polish maniacs have a wide experience with different kind of brands.

Q: What would you recommend to a beauty and nail polish newbie to try from your brand first? What is a must-have?

Luidmila: The very first things to get would definitely be the Nr.418 Iron Hard El Corazon and Nr.423 Active Biogel El Corazon as the basic strengthening for your nails, but also the Nr.428 Bali Spa Oil Cuticle Treatment – which makes it easy to push back your cuticles and of course Nr. 434 El Corazon Like Get Top that makes your nails look like gel and keep them from chipping up to 14 days.
Take a look at our glass files, since the right filing technique is going to keep your nails from further breaking.

Q: What’s your most favorite nail polish from your brand? I know it’s unfair to ask you that, since the creations are like children to you, but still?!

Luidmila: You know, there is actually one – it’s Nr.424/554 from the Magic line.
(Side note from the interviewer: Do you remember that one purple nail polish I mentioned in the beginning? That’s the one! No wonder I fell in love with this brand…)

El Corazon Gemstones collection

Q: Last question – what can we expect from El Corazon in 2015? Are there any plans that you can actually share with us today?

Luidmila: Usually I don’t talk about the upcoming projects – us Russians we’re quite superstitious and don’t like to jinx things by talking about them before they happen.
I will tell you that the main task in my work is to make sure to create new interesting projects, to have inspiring and beautiful people around me. And all the lovely bloggers always supply me with fresh and exciting ideas and I on the other hand try to reward them with unexpected and unusual creations.


Thank you very much for the honest answers Luidmila.
It was fun to get to know the headmaster behind El Corazon.

You can get the nail polishes by El Corazon at Hypnotic Polish or at ElCorazon-Shop.

Watch this space for an upcoming contest, which since it’s the El Corazon month, is going to be brand related!