Exciting New Blog Chapter & The Little Fox

Hello my Beauties!

You might have realized, that i wasn’t quite around over the past few days.
And the reason for that is very simple: I was middle in the transition from my old basic WordPress account to the brand new self-hosted blog! 
So please give a warm welcome to {Beauty expression by Luchessa} on luchessa.org 
Yes, this is a real grown up blog now. Isn’t that exciting?!
festive flowers
I have to admit, i was thinking about going self hosted for a while now, watching a few great bloggers doing that before me and asking for tips & tricks.
And when i saw Donah from Sweet Jelly Bean posting about the
 {51% OFF All Hosting Packages bonanza on HostGator} – i decided it was my moment to take the next step. 
(Oh let me tell you, that was not an easy step at all. I wasn’t sure if that was the right timing or the right decision at all for me. But now that i feel more comfortable, i know it was right thing to do.)

This is how the new blog looks like. I’m sure there are going to be more little changes here and there along the way, but i think for now it turned out really well. Of course i will not stop thanking Donah for her enormous help during the transition of my blog. (She’s an amazing blog manager! Even if she would actually prefer being a Happiness Engineer.)
I could not have done that without you, my friend! Sometime i feel, like you are my second head (and who doesn’t love some extra “storage space”, right? :P) 
How do you like the new layout of my blog, Beauties? I would love to hear your feedback.

As going self hosted is definitely a reason for celebration, i have a real gem for you today.
Not so long ago i contacted a wonderful artist, painter, storyteller and jewelry designer
Despina, from {The Little Fox}.

That is someone who i have been admiring for a few years now and really wanted to share her art and her beautiful stories with you, my readers.
I was incredibly excited, when Despina agreed to give me an interview and provide a surprise for my blog.
Stay tuned until the end! 😉

Interview with The Little Fox

Q: Hello dear Despina! You are the master mind behind The Little Fox, which you created in early 2009. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you came up with the idea for this whole concept.

A: Why, hello there! Lovely to make your acquaintance! Now let’s see…Painting was what made me the happiest ever since I was but a munchkin, but alas, it wasn’t considered a very ‘wise’ career-choice by the grown-ups, and it was in this manner that I was gently steered towards studying Architecture. It didn’t take long after graduating, though, to realize that I wasn’t going to be fulfilled in that path, and the rest happened quite instinctively, I think…
When I was little, I was always crafting my own comic books, and illustrated stories for my amusement (I am an only child, and growing up without any brothers or sisters can be very lonely, especially when you are not the most extrovert child, and those little creation were the perfect company to me).
Most of these stories are still with me, and have formed the basis for The Little Fox, which I think is in reality my make-believe world, a little magical place I can call my own 🙂
cinderella from the little fox
Q: You are a self-confessed picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and daydreamer. Was there anything else that you wanted to become, when you were little?

A: Ooh, that’s a hard one! I think for the most part, I pretty much have my dream-job (and I am so thankful and grateful for it), but I remember wanting to become an animator for Disney (before they digitized everything, sigh) right after watching Snow White for the first time. That phase lasted quite a while, and I remember spending all my allowance as a teenager on books on animation, and making impromptu attempts at animated shorts that my mom, I am sure, still keeps somewhere!

Q: How did you discover your passion for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince” and what does it mean to you today?

A: I think I first read it when I was 8 or 9, and was instantly hooked. This wasn’t a typical children’s book, and to this day, I think it really caters more to the dreaded ‘grown-ups’ than to the small ones. The Little Prince is a true literary masterpiece to me; it is not often that a children’s book conveys wisdom in such an effortless way, and its melancholy and honesty still make my little heart flutter.
the little fox paintings
Q: Tell us about your little cozy studio, full of vintage children’s books and toys and how do all those things help you create new characters? What inspires you?

A: My head is constantly swimming with new stories waiting to be put on canvas; so ideally, I would love for my surroundings to be as similar to those of my mind’s eye, so to speak. Of course, that would require me to paint in a forest meadow, surrounded by fairy lights, dancing squirrels and jackalopes, and having tea parties with bears in-between, so until that happens, I am quite content surrounding myself with objects that form a strong link between that place and the actual wall-enclosed studio.

 Q: I have to admit, when I was introduced to your art back in 2011 by a dear friend, I immediately noticed your love for big eyes and beautifully delicate colors. What do you think are the specifics of your fairytale Cinderella’s, Thumbelina’s, Alice’s, bears & bunnies?

A: Ooh, I am sure I couldn’t tell! I think I subconsciously have found a process in my work with which I am comfortable with, and naturally, some colours, patterns and characteristics keep reappearing. Also, I think my general, non-related to The Little Fox aesthetic is pretty much identical, so it’s more of an effortless end result rather than a studied methodology.
The little Fox pendants
Q: How did you come up with the idea of not only making art prints and postcards, which are incredibly adorable, but also designing Whimsical Jewelry and Necklaces for Girls? I know they are quite popular in your store. (How was the response in the very beginning?)

A: Making pendants out of my artwork has been at the back of my mind since the very beginning, but as I hadn’t done anything like this before, I waited until I had all the details right, and until I could afford all the supplies I needed to create them. I love that it’s art you can carry with you wherever you go! I do feel they make my work more marketable, as it is a product that one wears and not just displays in his home, so it instantly exposes your piece to a larger audience. The response was (and still is) amazing!

Q: Is there any specific way in that you decide which character is going to make it into a necklace?

A: Hmm…I think it’s mostly a question of whether I see a particular painting turned into pendant-form or not. Sometimes it has to do with cropping issues, other times the pendant doesn’t do justice to the subject matter or the composition of the painting. 

Q: What can we expect in the future from The Little Fox?

A: Oooh! I am working on new paintings constantly, and I will say this about some of them: mermaids 🙂 I have also recently added pocket mirrors and iPhone cases to the shop, and the response has been great! I also hope to find the time and make a few dolls for the shop come Autumn, I have missed making soft versions of my painted work so much…
iPhone cases with The little Fox designs
Q: Last but not least: Anything else that you might want to share with my audience about yourself, your store or your blog

A: The Fox is my favourite character from The Little Prince, but it’s also how my special fella calls me 🙂 

Thank you very much for the interview dear Despina!
* I have the explicit permission to use pictures from The Little Fox site for this post.


My Beauties, if you go to Despina’s Facebook pageThe Little Fox you can stay up to date on her new art designs.
And because Despina is so generous, she offered some wonderful things for the {Beauty expression by Luchessa} readers. 

You can get a 20% discount code (LUCHESSA) in the Etsy store, where you can find anything from original art, jewelry designs to paper goods. Despina also does international shipping. Isn’t that super exciting?
Did i forget something?
Oh yes, and now for the Giveaway part (drum-roll please!)
Little Fox Giveaway Collage

One of you will win a wonderful package, that include:
{A Springtime Story print}
{Full Moon at the Mermaid Lagoon pocket mirror}
{Once Upon A Time 
Fairytale Postcard Set}
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 This giveaway is as usual international and will be running until July 8th.
To win you will have to enter the Rafflecopter form down below.
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Good luck everyone!

 Until next time – stay beautiful.