JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch (Review)

Hello my Beauties,
when it comes to accessories, we all have a different taste. Any type of jewelry reflects a little bit of who we are as a person and what current mood we’re in. There are certain tendencies in fashion that come and go, but things like metal and wood are simply classic and will never go out of style.
Recently I’ve catched myself wearing mostly watches & necklaces. I somehow almost totally stopped buying earrings, rings or bracelets. But you will never see me leaving the house without a watch.

JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch 1

When I was asked by the marketing manager of JORD wood watches if I would consider reviewing one of their pieces, I immediately knew there was something exciting coming. Because JORD has been out there for a little while, I had the chance to see the pretty images all over the internet and was really interested in finding out more about the brand.
Now I’ve got the chance to share the JORD Ely Cherry experience with my audience.

But first of all – What’s JORD all about?

{Jord} literally means earth, soil or land in Swedish and functions as the brand name of the in St. Louis, Missouri located company, that designs and produces real wood watches from sustainable materials from all around the world. Their style is “guided by a deep appreciation for natural elements and modern design. Wood is not just a component of the watches, it is the main feature.”
Because it’s made of a natural ingredient, no piece looks like other. Each one has its own character and “face”. I find that incredibly endearing, knowing that the watch I wear is so unique.
JORD Ely Cherry Wood WatchThe surface of the watch has been finished very well and feels smooth to the touch. It’s made of red sandalwood, which is usually being found around the area of East Africa. The watch is also is splash-proof, but should probably not be submerged in water.

Features of Ely Cherry Watch:

  • case width: 37mm
  • case thickness: 11mm
  • lug ends: 45mm
  • band thickness: 21mm
  • band length: 200mm
Ely Cherry Watch was named after the old Ely Walker Warehouse build in 1907 in St. Louis. You’ll find deployment buckle with push buttons on the back and scratch-resistant mineral glass in the front.

JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch

 JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch
JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch
I really like the engraving on the back of the watch. It makes it so exquisite and interesting in my opinion.
JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch 4As a big town girl it’s really great to be able to feel the connection to the natural elements and to surround yourself with water, flowers and trees and by wearing this watch I get the feeling of being closer to the important things in life. It’s like going back to the roots in a sense.

JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch
JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch I have to say, this color tone totally defines my own personality -maybe because I’m a fall person, dark red’s and all kind of browns always seem to make me happy.
A wood watch like this is not only great during summer, when you spend a good amount of time outside and get to combine it with complementary colors, such as I did in these pictures, but will definitely be a good companion during fall and winter time, with you wear chunky burgundy and brown sweaters and big scarves.

JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch

One major point that I simply have to mention, is that the JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch is definitely a conversation starter, just as it says on their homepage. 
When I’ve started wearing the watch, I didn’t even imagine how many friends and colleagues would come up to me to comment on the timepiece and ask questions about it. 
First things most of them would want to know, was if it’s really made of wood, how heavy it is, if it’s getting stuck on my sweater.
When I would explain, that it was light and very smooth in texture, people would say that they haven’t seen anything like that before. 

As a woman you’ve got to admit, it’s nice to wear something different from everybody else. Am I right?!
JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch Here are all of the accessories used in the pictures and mostly worn during summer 2015.
My nail polish is by El Corazon 423/506 Vampire in love, the purse by accessorize and Yes, that’s the Berlin TV tower in the back.
JORD Ely Cherry Wood Watch
And I definitely can’t wait to start wearing one of my favorite russian style Pavlovo Posad Shawls together with the JORD Ely Cherry. The colors go so well together and create such a lovely fall look.
Pavlovo Posad Shawl Jord Ely Cherry Wood WatchIn conclusion I can only say, that if you love wearing unique outstanding pieces made of natural materials, that are still suitable for the daily life, a JORD timepiece could definitely be your choice.
Please find the JORD widget below, so you’re able to click through the whole variety of wooden watches the company offers at this point. Plus you’ll be also happy to know, that their official site provides free worldwide shipping.
Have you heard of JORD before? What would be your first pick, if you had the chance to grab a watch?
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I want to thank my personal photographer Maria Naroditski for taking most of the pictures for this post and also JORD for providing me with this gorgeous wooden watch in exchange for my honest review and opinion.