July Favorites – {Heat Wave Edition}

Hello my Beauties,

i have to tell you – today it definitely feel’s like Sahara desert here. It’s about +37 °C and i can barely move. Such a heat in a big city is just too much. 
This weather and the fact, that it is end of the month made me decide to write about my mainly lifestyle
{Monthly Favorites} – The Heat Wave Edition!

First things first – i always need to start my day fresh. No matter how the weather is and what season we have. There is always an option for a healthy breakfast. And by now most of you know, how much i love my fruits.
So that’s going to be my very first big favorite of the month July: Fruits & Berries.
fruits for breakfast heat wave edition
That’s the right month to eat a lot of fresh local fruits. These strawberries are from a local farm and have a much darker juicier color, than the ones i see in the supermarkets. I love their taste a lot.

So grab your favorite kind of fruits and let’s enjoy summer. Btw, tell me in the comments below what your most favorite local and exotic fruits are?! My exotic fruits would be papaya and pineapple.

My next favorites this month are simple essentials, that make my life much more enjoyable during a heat wave.
Best summer spraysFrom left to right:
A great Mint & Green Tea body spay, that has an incredibly lovely scent and feels so fresh and cooling on my skin.
This particular one is actually from last year’s limited edition, as the german drugstore brand Balea brings a new edition every year on the market. But as the expiration date is summer 2014 i thought i would still use this bottle. 🙂
In my opinion it smells more like green tea which is great, since i don’t really like mint on its own.
For body sprays i prefer fresh scents, instead of fruity one, since most of the fruitys tend to be sticky on the skin. 

Don’t forget to protect your hair  from UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure when you out in town all day long. Who wants their hair to get dry, brittle, frizzy, faded, and broken!? Right?!
What i have here is Guhl’s Sun Care protecting hair lotion, which is actually a spray with aloe extract, that has a nice smell and doesn’t make my hair look greasy. I usually spray it on a few times, when i done styling my hair.
There are many different sun protecting sprays out there, for every taste & wallet.

I heard good things about Dualsenses Sun Reflects UV Protect Spray by Goldwell, TIGI Some Like It Hot Heat & Humidity Resistant Serum and especially Alterna Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide, that is a combo of organic bamboo extract and color-locking Kalahari Melon extract, which will protect and extend the life of your color.
I’m very much interested in trying this Bamboo product.
What kind of hair protection do you use over the hot summer monthes?

Something that i can’t go without is my Avene Thermal Water Spray. It’s literally my life saver. I talked about the Avene products on my blog a few times already and you know how much i love their different products. 
I got my mini bottle of 50 ml here, that goes in every purse. Basically it’s a really multi-purpose product, since you can use it all over the body for anything like irritation, razor burn, simply to cool down, rashes, facial redness or light sunburn, just everywhere you need it. 

What i love about summer, is the fact that it’s simply too hot to eat heavy.
So i like to prepare a fresh mixed salad with light sour cream. It’s really refreshing right out of the fridge and you get all your needed vitamins from the vegetables.
fresh saladWhat i also been craving these days is a cold tomato juice. Did you know that by consuming raw tomato juice on a regular basis prevents blood clots?! But of course i drink it because it’s simply delicious.
cold tomato juiceYes that’s an original Marimekko cup from Finland. I love using it for cold drinks. It’s basically a mug without a handle, that was a gift from my dear Finnish friend.
“Mari’ is an anagram of the first name of the company’s founder, Armi Ratia,
while ‘mekko’ means ‘dress’ in Finnish. And it was indeed Mari’s dresses that started it all in 1951.”

There you go, my Beauties. If i keep it to the essential basics, that is it for the month of July. 

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There you go my Beauties, have fun stopping by all those fabulous blogs, reading the posts & entering the giveaways.

I’m off to treat myself with some jelly beans – the tropical style 😉

Until next time – stay beautiful.