Kaleidoscope – Dreams About Spring {Blooming Time}

Hello my Beauties,

today the love for fresh spring colors continues, when we talk about the beautiful milky pink nail polish from Kaleidoscope in {Blooming Time}. It’s the second one from the Dreams about Spring collection that i own and was actually the very first polish i got from that line, which made me fall in love.
If you haven’t seen my review & swatches of {My Garden of Eden}, you can simply follow the link.

Dreams About Spring - Blooming TimeIt’s a lovely highly pigmented cream finish with fine blue shimmer in it.
Suggested are two even coats to get a completely opaque coverage, but you can totally get away with one thicker coat, in case you’re in hurry.
Dreams About Spring - Blooming Time 4This color reminds me of the first flowers in the spring time, when you see the tulips peeking out from everywhere. Very feminine and gentle – it’s going to suit many different skin colors, from porcelain to sun-kissed.
Dreams About Spring - Blooming Time 5The application is incredibly smooth and my two coats dried completely in 12-15 minutes. (No top coat.)
My favorite thing about this nail polish is the fact, that it has enough pop to stand out and be worn with a cocktail dress, but “calm” enough to exist in an office surrounding. I like having such a “chameleon” in my collection.
Dreams About Spring - Blooming Time 3Same as his brother My Garden of Eden, Blooming Time stays on your nails for about 5 days without looking too worn.
Dreams About Spring - Blooming Time 2I’m definitely looking forward to try some of the other colors from the Dreaming about Spring collection, especially because that time of the year is hopefully coming soon.
Dreams About Spring - My Garden of Eden 7               (Photo taken from elcorazon.ru)

I’ve got my Kaleidoscope nail polish from the european shop Hypnotic Polish, which is based in The Netherlands and offers a really fast worldwide shipping with a nice personal touch.
I can only recommend that shop to you.

What color are you most excited about for the spring time? Have you tried Kaleidoscope polishes before?